“♥Hwang Jae-gyun is already mine” Delay prepares gift for dance-obsessed husband. Cheering at the stadium

Jiyeon prepared a gift for her record-breaking husband, Hwang Jae-gyun.

On the 14th, the YouTube channel “JIYEON” posted a video titled “[SUB] Do something small today”.

Delay headed to an outlet to buy a gift for her husband, Hwang Jae-gyun, who was about to set a record.

Heading to the game store, she carefully selected a game. When the clerk said, “Babies like to play by themselves,” Jae-ri replied, “He’s a big baby,” which made her laugh.

“I don’t feel like I want to buy anything. I don’t want to buy anything,” she said. When an acquaintance said, “You want Hwang Jae-gyun,” she replied, “He’s already mine.”

After the shoe store, they headed to the clothing store. “I’m really confident in my dancing these days,” she said, looking for a hip outfit. “A dancing machine,” she added.

After purchasing a dance game, she enthusiastically said, “I think my brother will like it.” She also said, “I’m totally into ‘swoopa’ these days.” The video’s subtitle reads, “I’m so serious about dancing, I don’t know why I’m good at it, but I’m dancing better than I thought, so I’m excited about everyone’s surprised reaction, so I’m thinking about what to dance next,” raising expectations.안전놀이터

Delay arrived at the stadium to watch Hwang Jae-gyun compete. She held up Hwang’s jersey and cheered, “Let’s go. You can do it.”

With Jae-gyun’s support, Hwang became the 18th player in history to reach 2,000 hits. “I cried. I had tears in my eyes,” he said. The game was briefly suspended due to rain and resumed, with KT Wiz losing. Delay celebrated the milestone with Hwang Jae-gyun in a small way that drew attention.

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