155km was sprinkled, but the ball was shaken, and the rookie Kim Seo-hyun’s scoreless march ended… good lesson

Hanwha’s special rookie pitcher Kim Seo-hyeon (19) threw a fastball with a maximum speed of 155 km, but the pitch faltered and he conceded the first run. It was a game that put an end to the streak of 4 consecutive games from the actual spring camp to the demonstration game, but it was a lesson. 

Kim Seo-hyun made a relief mound as the 4th pitcher in the 7th inning against SSG of the 2023 KBO League held at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park on the 20th, recording 1 run with 2 hits and 1 walk in 1 inning. He threw a fastball of up to 155 km, but struggled as his pitch was shaken by two wide shots. 

Kim Seo-hyun, who came to Hanwha as the first overall rookie this year, has been undefeated in actual matches since the spring camp in Okinawa, Japan. On the 3rd, against SSG, 1 inning, 1 hit, 1 strikeout, no run, and on the 8th, against Samsung, 1 inning, 3-way offense was blocked, and the momentum continued in the official demonstration game. 토토사이트

On the 14th, in the debut game against Daejeon KIA, he threw a fastball of up to 158km and blocked it with 1 hit, 1 walk, 1 walk, 1 strikeout and no run in 1 inning. 

However, his scoreless streak was broken when he conceded his first goal against SSG that day. Kim Seo-hyun, who was attacked by a low fastball from leader Choi Hang and hit a heavy hit, allowed a left-handed hit to Choi Kyung-mo. As his fastball went high, it was properly caught by Choi Kyung-mo’s bat. 

The 4th ball thrown against Kim Min-sik from 1st and 2nd base became a wild fight. Catcher Heo Kwan-hoe put out second base runner Choi Hang, who was aiming for third base, and took a breather, but Kim Min-sik walked and returned to first and second base. Then, Ahn Sang-hyun at bat allowed Choi Kyung-mo to steal third base. He only cared about hitters and failed to check runners properly. 

While Ahn Sang-hyeon was induced to ground to third base, third base runner Choi Kyeong-mo entered home and conceded the first run. In the ensuing 2 out 2 base, the 2nd ball completely fell out against Choi Sang-min, and it became a wild fight. Choi Sang-min was grounded to first base and the inning ended without any additional runs. 

On this day, Kim Seo-hyun showed off her speed by throwing fastballs with a maximum speed of 155 km and an average speed of 153 km. However, out of 23 total pitches, the number of pitches was not listened to enough that there were more balls (12) than strikes (11). He threw 5 curveballs, but the ball was out of control with 4, so he went mainly for four-seam (15) and two-seam (3) fastballs. No matter how fast the ball is, since the pattern is monotonous, batters who came in with the number of goals were easily caught by the bat. It was the first run game that would have been a good lesson for Kim Seo-hyun in many ways, including checking runners who missed by allowing stolen bases.

After the game that day, Kim Seo-hyun showed up asking for advice from foreign pitcher Birch Smith, who was the starting pitcher. Smith was pleased, saying, “Kim Seo-hyun always approaches not only me but veterans first and asks how I can do better.” /waw@osen.co.kr

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