1st place in the Sudirman Cup group and advanced to the quarterfinals… “Thanks to your support, I worked hard”

Yesterday (17th), the complete victory over Korea and Japan at the Sudirman Cup of the World Team Mixed Championships held in Suzhou, China was never taken for granted. This is because even victory could not be guaranteed considering the player’s condition, ranking, and opponent’s record. The atmosphere between the coaching staff and the players before the actual game was “It’s worth trying, but it’s not an easy match.”

However, when I opened the lid, unexpected matches continued to unfold. In the first game, mixed doubles Kim Won-ho and Jung Na-eun (9th place) won a 2-1 come-from-behind victory over Japan’s Watanabe-Higashino (2nd place). This is because they achieved a perfect victory without dropping a single set to Japan. In particular, except for 먹튀검증 Lee So-hee and Baek Ha-na, all Japanese players were ‘upset’ victories in a situation where they were ahead in the rankings, and even Lee So-hee and Baek Ha-na experienced thrilling victories in a situation where they were losing 2-0 in their opponent’s record.

The players unanimously cited the team atmosphere as the driving force behind their victory. Due to the nature of the team event in the Sudirman Cup, other players watch the match and cheer, and the players who competed in the match gained a lot of strength from this.

We listened to the feelings of our players who confirmed the 2023 Sudirman Cup Group D 1st place with a perfect 5-0 victory.

Mixed Doubles Kim Won-ho-Jung Na-eun (World Ranking 9)
Jeong Na-eun: I think it didn’t go well in the beginning of the first set, but I think we refined our play a little more in the second half. I think I got good results from doing it.
Kim Won-ho: (I wonder when did you think you’d won?) I didn’t relax until the match point, and when I went 20-3, I think I almost thought I was going to win.
Kim Won-ho: (coaches and other players) thank you so much for trusting us.
Naeun Jeong: Thank you.
Kim Won-ho: I think we were able to win because of that belief.

Men’s Singles Jeon Hyeok-jin (World Ranking 69th)
Jeon Hyuk-jin: He has good momentum in mixed doubles, so I inherited the same momentum and easily won the first set, and scored at important moments in the second set, so I was able to win today’s game. seems like
(The last one ended a little futile.) I was trying to do a quick surprise serve because my opponent didn’t match my timing, but the ball didn’t hit well, so I got out a lot.
In the team event, I received support from my teammates, and no matter who entered, I did my best and participated in such a game, and there seemed to be another good result.

Women’s Singles Ahn Se-young (World Ranking No. 2)
Ahn Se-young: To be honest, I was a little nervous until the end. There were many cases where I was always caught up and lost by Yamaguchi, so I was very worried and nervous. I think I went in with a lot of reminders.
(Did you hear the other players cheering?) Yes, I shouldn’t have heard it well (laughs), but I heard it very well. In addition, I really tried not to give up, tried not to make more mistakes, and tried to run even one step further, and it seems that there were good results.
(What do you think is the secret to my popularity?) I feel sorry for that because I seem to hear more cheering from my opponents than I thought, but those who support me cheer for me because they are looking forward to what kind of celebration I will do after the game. I think it’s not.

Men’s Doubles Seo Seung-jae-Kang Min-hyuk (World Ranking No. 17)
Seo Seung-jae: Because the players won in front of us, I think we eased our mental burden a little more and gave us confidence in what we could do, and the coach also showed us what we could do. I think we worked out the game by maximizing our play, figuring out what the other person was good at, and talking to each other about these things.
Kang Min-hyeok: (Kang Min-hyeok, whose voice did you hear the best?) Kim So-young, the female captain, always fights as a team during group matches, so it seems to be very helpful.
Seo Seung-jae: I think the fact that Koreans came and cheered us on gave us a lot of strength, and since Koreans came and cheered us on, I think we repaid them with good performances.

Women’s Doubles Lee So-hee-Baek Ha-na (World Ranking 5th)
Baek Ha-na: (Baek) First of all, I thought it would be a tough game, but it was a bit more difficult than I thought. During the game, I can hear all the unnies telling me to cheer up, and they fight more, so the unnies say “Run!” I think it makes me want to run again.
Lee So-hee: (I think the breathing is so good. I wonder what the secret is) I tend to make a lot of demands on (Bak) Hana in terms of play, but (Bak) Hana does it well quickly, so I’m going to adjust it a bit quickly. I think there is.
Baek Ha-na: ‘Sister’ kept asking me to become a ‘Transformer’ together. Do a lot of weight training so that you don’t get hurt when your body is toned. That’s why I think I’m getting a lot of help from my sister.
Lee So-hee: We are aiming for the championship, and if we play another match next time, we can raise the morale of the team, and we will do our best.

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