’20 points big success’ Ha Yoon-gi wins by decision in a match under the goal against Korea University senior Lee Jong-hyun

 Ha Yoon-ki won a decision victory against Korea University senior Lee Jong-hyun in a match under the goal.

Suwon KT won 86-73 in the 5th round of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Jeonju KCC held at Suwon KT Sonicboom Arena on the 12th. He succeeded in escaping from losing streak and rose to 6th place with 18 wins (23 losses) in the season.

One of the protagonists of victory is Ha Yoon-ki. Ha Yoon-gi played 31 minutes and 49 seconds, scoring 20 points and 5 rebounds. He won the match-up with Lee Jong-hyun, a senior at Korea University, by decision, and colored the bottom of his goal with his own color. 토토사이트

In the first half, Ha Yoon-gi focused on team play rather than his own offense. He stripped Lee Jong-Hyun’s defense with a perfect pivot move and succeeded in one attack, but scored mostly with shots under the net. As a result, he scored 8 points in the first half.

Ha Yoon-gi showed off his power in the second half. He succeeded in one-on-one attacks against Lee Jong-hyun from under the goal. Not only did he gain an advantage in strength, but he also scored by peeling Lee Jong-hyun’s defense with a pivot play. He also put a one-man fast-attack layup on a coast-to-coast play. KT, led by Ha Yoon-ki, who scored 8 points in the 3rd quarter, widened the score to 69-54.

After the match, KT coach Seo Dong-cheol said, “Everyone is greedy. But (Ha) Yoongi is rarely greedy. Most of the time he focuses on team play in harmony with other players. He feels very grateful. He orders them to attack more. I think Yoongi’s value is high because he’s not greedy,” he praised Ha Yoon-ki.

This season, Ha Yoon-ki is showing a play that has grown exponentially. He is averaging 29 minutes and 12 seconds in 41 games, averaging 14.9 points, 6.3 rebounds and 1.5 assists. Now, he is not just a promising big man, but has become a key resource for KT. Against KCC, he overpowered Lee Jong-hyun, a senior from Korea University, and delighted the fans’ eyes.

Ha Yoon-gi is showing off his growth in every game. How much more advanced will he surprise this season? This is why we need to keep an eye on Ha Yoon-gi’s play.

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