2023 Rising Star Game, four teams in the tournament

Rising Star, one of the 2023 All-Star events, will be held in the same form as last year.

According to 『NBA.com』, the Rising Star Game, which will be held on the 18th (hereafter Korean time), will be held as a tournament.

Recently, a team of first- and second-year players, both American and non-American, competed. From the last 2022 All-Star Game, G-League players were added to the tournament, and this time the scale was a little bigger.

In the past, four G-League Ignite players participated, but this time, seven G-League players, including members of Ignite, will participate. 28 players, including recent NBA players and G-League players, will compete in this tournament. 28 members are divided into four teams, and these four teams determine the final winner through a tournament. Semifinals are worth 50 points and finals are worth 25 points. 토토사이트 Year 1_ Paolo Venquero (Orlando), Jalen Duren, Jaden Ivey (Detroit), AJ Griffin (Atlanta), Walker Kessler (Utah), Benedict Matherin, Andrew Nemhard (Indiana) , Keegan Murray (Sacramento), Jabari Smith (Houston), Jeremy Sohan (San Antonio), Jaylen Williams (Oklahoma City) 2nd year_ Jose Alvarado (New Orleans), Scotty Barnes (Toronto), Josh Giddy (Oklahoma City) ), Jaylen Green, Alpharen Sengun (Houston), Quinton Grimes (New York), Bones Highland (Denver), Evan Mobley (Cleveland), Trey Murphy III (New Orleans), Franz Wagner (Orlando)

G-League_ Sidi Cisco, Scoot Henderson, Mozabe King, Leonard Miller (Ignite), Kenneth Lofton Jr. (Memphis), Mac McClung (Delaware), Scottie Pippen Jr. (South Bay)

Each team has four leaders is leading The team is led by Pau Gasol, Darren Williams, Joakim Noah and Jason Terry. The composition of players has already been completed. Timpaue consists of Alvarado, Banquero, Barnes, Ivy, Masserine, Murray Nemhard, and Timderon consists of Green, Griffin, Highland, Kessler, Murphy, Sengoon, and Wagner.

Team Joachim is filled with Duren, Gidi, Grimes, Mobley, Smith, Sohan, and Williams, and Team Jason is filled with G-League players. It is a factor worth watching to see how strong the G-League players can be against them.

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