‘4 consecutive losses swamp’ Hyundai E&C, IBK and 2 consecutive battles… Recapture the leader ‘Watershed’

Suwon Hyundai E&C, a professional volleyball ‘traditional house’ that fell into the swamp for the first four consecutive losses of the season, will face off against Hwaseong IBK Industrial Bank this week, which will be a watershed for recapture of the lead.

Hyundai E&C (62 points) has recently recorded four consecutive losses due to a series of injuries to key players in the women’s division of the ‘Dodram 2022-2023 V-League’, which is approaching the end, giving the lead to Incheon Heungkuk Life Insurance (66 points) and the gap to 4 points. state of being unfolded. The situation is so bad that half of the eight losses suffered this season were recorded in February.

There are only 7 matches left. There is plenty of room to catch up to the lead. The biggest hurdle for Hyundai E&C to regain the lead is the two consecutive matches against IBK in the last game of the 5th round (22nd) and the first game of the 6th round (25th). If you win both games, you can try to recapture the lead, but if you can’t break the losing streak, it can be difficult to actually rank first in the regular league. 메이저사이트

Hyundai E&C recorded 4 wins in IBK this season. With three 3-0 victories and one 3-1 victory, all 4 games were highly nutritious victories with 3 points. However, given the current situation, victory cannot be guaranteed. Moreover, IBK is on the rise, recently breaking Heungkuk Life Insurance and Seoul GS Caltex.

In order for Hyundai E&C to win against IBK, Yvone Montaño, who joined as a substitute for Yasmin earlier this month, is desperately needed. Montaño played three matches in the V-League, but could not save the team from a losing streak. He is improving little by little as the game goes on, but he has not yet shown a powerful appearance and his breathing with the setter is not smooth.

In addition, whether Hwang Min-kyung, who was substituted in Daejeon KGC match on the 17th after missing two games due to injury, will recover is the key to winning against IBK. It is predicted that if Montaño plays the role of an ace and Hwang Min-kyung, who takes care of the dirty work in karate and defense, regains his previous skills, he will be able to seek a turnaround.

An official from the Hyundai E&C club said, “We need to break the chain of two consecutive losses against IBK and make a rebound. The opponent is on the rise, but it is fortunate that he is lower than the teams he faced recently,” he said.

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