‘45.5% success rate of stealing’ Lotte’s new engine overcomes weaknesses and becomes ‘No.1’ genealogy?

Reporter Oh Sang-jin = Lotte Giants ‘New Engine’ Hwang Seong-bin (26) had the best season last year. Hwang Seong-bin, who returned from active military service and started the 2022 season with a training player contract, played 102 games after becoming a regular player in May, recording a batting average of 0.294 (94 hits in 320 at-bats), 1 home run, 16 RBIs, 62 points, 10 steals, and an OPS of .707. . He made a mark on the ground with aggressive play that did not spare his body, and quickly took the lead off spot for Lotte. 토토사이트

Considering that it was the first season of his first team debut, it was an excellent performance, but there were obviously some regrets. That’s the stealing success rate. Hwang Seong-bin succeeded in stealing 10 bases last year, but recorded 12 more base steals than that. The success rate of 45.5% was the 4th lowest among all Lotte players with 10 or more stolen bases (lowest tied for first place with Kim Moon-ho in 2016, late Jang Hyo-jo in 1989 with 12 stolen bases and 15 failures at 44.4% / 2nd place with Kim Jong-heon in 1994 with 14 stolen bases and 17 failures at 45.2%) ).

Although his stealing success rate was low, Hwang Seong-bin’s greatest strength is his main power. He boasts of quick feet enough to rank first in infield hits (28). However, it is highly likely that his overly aggressive running base and failure to grasp the weaknesses of the opponent’s battery due to his lack of experience have led to his failure to steal bases.

Hwang Seong-bin, who is preparing for the second year of full-time, has strong supporters to make up for his weaknesses. They are coach Kim Pyeong-ho, who is known as the “king of stolen bases,” and Jeon Jun-ho, who is the “top stealer in total (549 steals).” Coach Kim Pyeong-ho helped Jung Soo-geun with the Doosan Bears, Kim Sang-soo and Park Hae-min with the Samsung Lions to become number one in stealing bases, earning a reputation as the KBO League’s representative ‘stealer king’. Coach Jeon Jun-ho, who returned to his former team Lotte last year after 24 years and coached the 2nd team players, plans to work together with coach Kim Pyeong-ho in the 1st team this year.

Seongbin Hwang changed his uniform number to number 1 ahead of the 2023 season. This is coach Jeon Jun-ho’s uniform number during his active career. It is worth looking forward to whether Hwang Seong-bin, who expressed his determination for the new uniform number, will be able to lead Lotte’s foot baseball with a more upgraded engine this season.

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