‘4th Quarter 23 Point Explosion’ Murray’s regret, “If I had been active from the first half…”

Murray, who had a great performance, expressed his regret.

The Denver Nuggets won 108-103 against the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 2 of the 2022-2023 NBA Playoffs Western Conference Finals held at the Denver Ball Arena on the 19th (hereinafter Korean time).

The main contributor to the victory was Jamal Murray (190cm, G) who scored 31 points in the first game and 37 points in the second game. In particular, Murray led the team to victory by completely dominating the 4th quarter, which was a match.

Denver didn’t catch the mood at the beginning of the game. The game started with 6 points from the start. Afterwards, Aaron Gordon (203cm, F) and Nicola Jokic (211cm, C) led the atmosphere for a while.

In the second quarter, he could not control Rui Hachimura (203cm, F), and the score gap widened to 11 points at one time. However, through a series of goals that came out at the end of the second quarter, the first half ended with a score of 53-48. Afterwards, the chase continued in the third quarter, but failed to turn around.

It was Murray who changed the course of the game. Murray attempted 9 3-pointers from the 1st quarter to the 3rd quarter and only made 3 of them. The field goal success rate was only 29% (5/17).

But he was different in the fourth quarter. He scored 23 points alone. He made 4 of the 5 3-pointers he attempted. He scored at every crucial moment and led the team to a turnaround, and even when the opponent was chasing, he scored a goal that broke the flow. This was the biggest reason Denver was able to win.먹튀검증

Murray, who performed monstrously in the fourth quarter, became the main character after the game. However, he was not satisfied with his own performance. Murray said in an interview with the ‘Denver Foster’, “Today’s game is a bit disappointing. I won, but I won hard. It would have been different if I had been active from the first half. Then we would have won more easily.”

Murray is doing a great job in this playoff. He is recreating ‘Bubble Murray’ by averaging 27.2 points, 6.2 assists and 5.5 rebounds in 13 games. In addition to Jokic’s performance, Denver took the first two games of the Western Conference and stepped on the advantageous ground.

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