‘5G Undefeated’ Daejeon Hana, from substitution to theater goal, ‘Soccer Special City’ class… Looking forward to the match against Suwon FC

It is a flow beyond imagination. The rise of Daejeon Hana Citizen stands out.

Daejeon Hana is on an undefeated march in ‘Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023’, which has digested up to 5 rounds. 3 wins and 2 draws, 2nd place with 11 points. The only team without a loss until the 5th round is Daejeon Hana, leading Ulsan Hyundai (5 wins, 15 points), and 3rd place Pohang Steelers (3 wins, 2 draws, 11 points). Daejeon Hana and Pohang were tied on points, so they covered the rankings with multiple points. Daejeon Hana scored 11 goals and Pohang scored 8 goals.

Lee Min-seong Daejeon Hana’s mercenary skills are impressive. In the two games played before and after the match A break, the replacement card became the main character of the winning goal. On the 19th of last month, in the 4th round away game against Suwon Samsung, Byun Jun-su, who was put in the 34th minute of the second half when the score was tight 1-1, scored the winning goal in the 44th minute of the second half. Daejeon Hana, who seized the victory, did not give the home team a chance to counterattack and scored the third goal in the second half of extra time to seal the game.토토사이트

The 5th round home game against FC Seoul at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 1st was also great. In the 43rd minute of the second half when the score was tied 2-2 amidst a one-and-done battle, Kim In-kyun’s lateral pass led Martha to the winning goal. Kim In-kyun started the second half, and Martha stepped on the ground in the 13th minute of the second half and scored a ‘theater goal’.

‘Daejeon Theater’ does not end here. On the 4th of last month, the away match against Incheon United, which ended in a 3-3 draw at the end of a slugfest,
was also dramatic. At that time, Kim In-kyun, who came on as a substitute in the 13th minute of the second half, scored a dramatic equalizer in the 43rd minute of the second half.

The team’s performance is good, so the football fever is also hot. In the past, Daejeon was an area where team love was so special that it was called the ‘soccer city’. On the day of the Daejeon Hana home game this season, which is the first K-League 1 stage after conversion to a corporate club, the surroundings of the stadium are literally flooded with people, and the nearby roads are filled with long lines of vehicles. 18,590 people entered the opening match (round 1) against Gangwon FC on February 26, and 15,793 people entered the most recent match against Seoul. On the 11th of last month, the match against Pohang (0-0 draw) alone failed to exceed 10,000 spectators with 8,661 people. Daejeon Hana officials are showing encouraging expressions, saying, “We are increasingly looking for a ‘soccer city’.”

But don’t be careless. From coach Lee, he lowered his stance, saying, “Our goal is still to stay in the K-League 1.” This means that it is possible to raise the goal only if we watch until each team has faced each other at least once (Round 11). In that respect, the 6th round away match against Suwon FC on the 9th is very important. This is because, in a situation where the game pattern of one match is already quite exposed, it is necessary to properly block the opponent’s offensive and continue the desired flow to qualify for ‘going higher’.

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