6 consecutive losses Daegu Korea Gas Corporation… what about spring basketball?

◀ Anchor ▶
Professional basketball Daegu Korea Gas Corporation’s sluggishness is  deepening.

It is said that it is difficult to get out of the bottom ranks, and the  losing streak is already going on for 6 games  .

Let’s talk more with reporters.

Reporter Seok Won is in charge of sports.

Reporter Seok, I heard that KOGAS’ 6 consecutive losses on February 8th  is the most consecutive losses?

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation  did not win for six games  , starting with Wonju DB on January 26th  . The six consecutive losses suffered at the end of 2022 are  back again in the new 2023. The ranking was still in 9th  place, and the gap with the 6th place widened to 4.5 games  , allowing the lowest place Seoul Samsung to chase up to 2 games  . If you look at this situation arithmetically now,  KOGAS  needs  to record 14 wins and 2 losses or more  in the remaining 16 games to have a 50%  win rate, which is a stable right for the playoffs  . ◀ Anchor▶ It seems that the shock of the team must have been considerable as it  suffered a series of losses  in a situation where the sluggishness was deep  . 바카라

◀Reporter▶ First of all, it can be regrettable that
KOGAS has lost 6 games and  has not had a completely collapsed game  . After playing overtime for two days in a row and going to the third 

overtime against  Seoul SK, they lost by 2 points, and also lost to leader Anyang KGC by 2  points  . It would add to my regret. However, the fact that the concentration dropped  while allowing the chase at the end of the game,  and the ending that did not win in the end,  makes you feel how meaningless  the word regrettable defeat is  . Let’s listen to the story of Gas Corporation director Yoo Do-hoon  . ◀Director Yoo Do-hoon of Daegu Korea Gas Corporation▶  “ As a result ,  many players feel sorry for and suffer from a lot  of losses  .  ··” ◀ Anchor ▶ Well, it looks like we need a quick victory. What part is most urgent for KOGAS to come out of sluggishness  ?

◀Reporter▶ Above all, the power gap within the team is considered a problem for
KOGAS  . Players like Lee Dae-seong,  who ranks second in scoring by a domestic player with 18.1 points per game,  and Murphy Holloway,  who show a numerical advantage over playing time,  are top-notch in the league. The problem is that there is a large gap in the skills of the players who support  them. Lee Dae-heon and Jung Hyo-geun are scoring average double-digit points,  but the ups and downs are severe. As a result,  the opposing teams are  showing how to solve the game by occupying  space  while concentrating on specific players  when facing Gas Corporation  . In a situation that is not far from the end of the season  , there is a greater concern than expectation of what Gas Corporation will show  .

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