“A quick opportunity may come” Lee Hyun-joong from the perspective of commentator Kyu-seop Lee, a former Santa Cruz coach

Commentator Kyu-seop Lee, who had coached at Santa Cruz, looked at Lee Hyun-joong’s joining of Santa Cruz positively.

On the 23rd, the Santa Cruz Warriors, a G League team affiliated with the NBA Golden State Warriors, officially announced the signing of Hyunjoong Lee. Lee Hyun-joong became the fourth Korean player to step on the stage of the G-League, following Ha Seung-jin, Bang Seong-yoon, and Lee Dae-seong.

Santa Cruz also has a relationship with commentator Lee Kyu-seop of SPOTV. Commentator Kyu-seop Lee took coaching classes as an assistant coach in Santa Cruz in the 2013-2014 season after his active retirement, assisting then-head coach Casey Hill. Afterwards, he joined as a coach for his former team, Seoul Samsung, and walked the path of a leader in earnest. 

Commentator Lee Gyu-seop said, “Director Hill is younger than me. He emphasized at the time that he should never make mistakes when training in front of players. If he doesn’t, he loses credibility, he said. He had to organize training ahead of time and meet the players at the ready, he said. The video meeting was also conducted with the coaching staff before going out in front of the players. He always emphasized trust. Even though I was a coach from a small country on the outskirts, he took great care of me. At that time, my eyes on basketball and my attitude toward the leader changed,” he recalled.

“Santa Cruz is a place close to the beach. It’s safe and clean, so it’s good to focus on exercise. As far as I know, (Lee) Hyunjoong’s agent, WME/BDA Sports, has a training ground in San Francisco. It will probably be easier for an agent to manage. From Hyunjoong’s point of view, going to Santa Cruz was a good thing.”

Commentator Lee Kyu-seop, who left Samsung at the end of last season, also met with Lee Hyun-joong in the United States in May of last year. He watched the ‘2022 Pro Day’ workout in which Lee Hyun-joong participated.

“I was moved to see the workout. A player from a small country called Korea confidently played his game. I was well aware of the situation before Hyunjoong was injured. It was very well received locally. In workouts, there are many players who are more athletic and have better skills than Hyun Joong. but the stature is small. Tall players are big men, but their outside shooting skills are not as good as Hyun Joong’s. So I think he has enough merit.” Commentator Lee Kyu-seop said. 메이저놀이터

Lee Hyun-joong, who joined Santa Cruz, made his G League debut game against Austin Spurs on the 23rd (Korean time). He recorded 7 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists in 19 minutes of play.

Commentator Lee Gyu-seop said, “It is rare in the G-League to recruit players at this time with only a few games left. Maybe Golden State wants to test HyunJoong. To be honest, I think an opportunity might come soon. Currently, Golden State is in a situation where it has to protect (Clay) Thompson, who has the aftermath of an injury, once the rankings have solidified to some extent. So, if you need a spot-up shooter, HyunJoong will be an attractive card. He said, “The ransom is not expensive, and I think it would be a good choice as a role player.”

He continued, “Just taking on the American stage deserves respect and applause. Despite facing the ordeal of injury, he is working hard for his dream. I hope it will serve as an opportunity to change the way you look at Korean basketball regardless of success. I am so proud, and I definitely want to see him enter the NBA and come out on the court confidently.”

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