A warm farewell… Bae Seong-geun “I will not forget”

“I will never forget the love you gave me.”

Bae Seong-keun (28) leaves the ground he has been fond of. On the 31st, Lotte officially announced the news of Bae Seong-geun’s retirement. It is known that Bae Seong-geun requested an interview with the club the day before and conveyed his intention to retire. As he is still in his 20s, this can feel like a rather sudden choice. This is the conclusion I came to after thinking for a long time. Seong-geun Bae said, “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad or sad to be honest.” He expressed his feelings, saying, “I really enjoyed baseball in Busan for 9 years.”

Bae Seong-geun, who was fierce until the end, was embraced by Lotte in the 2nd 4th round (40th overall) of the 2014 rookie draft. He looked at only one Lotte shortstop and played hard. Bae Seong-geun looked back and said, “It was a dream and pride for me.” From the time he joined, he raised great expectations due to his stable defense, but the wall of his reality was high. After stepping on his first team stage in the 2019 season, he played 140 career games as an infielder until last year. He had a batting average of 0.180 (33 hits in 183 at-bats) and one home run. He marked a batting average of 0.263 (211 hits in 803 at-bats) for 7 seasons in the Futures League.

He also took on a bold challenge for survival. He turned into a last-minute pitcher last season. From September, he prepared step by step. He also showed off a ball that reached 148 km in the education league. It was the last struggle from Bae Seong-geun’s point of view. He set such strict standards. Bae Seong-geun said, “I had a great attachment to the shortstop. His pitching conversion was another adventure. He had to convince himself,” he said. In fact, he is narrowly short of it,” he said.

◆ The second

act of life unfolds and ends as a baseball player, but Bae Seong-geun’s life continues. I’m about to start the second act of my life. Bae Seong-geun said, “I thought a lot about the future. He hinted that there is a field he wants to challenge.” His family also sincerely supported him. On the 14th, after about 3 years of dating, Bae Seong-geun bore fruit of love. Bae Seong-geun said, “Thank you to his family. More than anything, I felt sorry for his wife for making this decision right after his marriage. Fortunately, he understood and supported me. It was a great strength,” he nodded. 토토사이트

He also left a warm farewell gift. He decided to donate 10 million won for the juniors who sweated together in the Futures League. Bae Seong-geun, who lowered his stance, saying, “It’s too weak,” said, “Looking back, I spent more time in the second group than the first. He couldn’t afford to buy bats or equipment as much as he liked. I wondered if his juniors would also go through a similar situation. I hope I can be of some help.” At the same time, he added, “There is also a part that I want to convey my gratitude for Lotte, who laughed and cried together for 9 years.”

◆ Engrave the brilliant moments

Various emotions will cross in front of the breakup. Bae Seong-geun recalled one by one. “First of all, I am grateful to Lotte for allowing me to play baseball. During his career, he was able to play baseball happily while staying closer to his teammates than to his family at times. My body will leave, but I will cheer hard outside the ground,” he raised his thumb. He also showed affection for his fans. Bae Seong-geun said, “I want to say that I am really grateful to the fans who have been the biggest driving force for the past 9 years. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it,” he reiterated.

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