Candidate to take off the veil, Bento’s successor is also a foreign coach?

 Interest in the new command tower is growing as candidates for the successor to Paulo Bento’s football team coach, who laid down the baton at the end of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, are revealed one after another.

Currently, the Korea Football Association is looking for a candidate for the new head coach by setting up a National Team Reinforcement Committee led by Michael Müller (Germany).

Initially, the Korea Football Association said, “Considering the specificity of the negotiations for the appointment of a coach, all future processes will be conducted in private,” but the names of candidates are being discussed through domestic and foreign media reports.

So far, Jose Bordalas (59, Spain) former Valencia coach, Chichi (61, Brazil) former Brazil coach, Torsten Fink (56, Germany) former Hamburg coach, and Vahid Halilhodzic (71, Bosnia) coach have emerged as candidates. .

After the Qatar World Cup, there was a voice saying that a domestic leader should now take charge of the national team, and Chairman Müller also said that he left the door open to both domestic and foreign coaches.

However, judging from the progress made so far, the weight seems to be focused on foreign leaders rather than domestic leaders.

Of course, it is not easy to appoint foreign leaders. There is a realistic constraint of a ransom to bring in a prestigious leader. It is not easy for coaches who have some name value to accept going to Korea, which is a periphery of soccer.

Among the candidates mentioned above, there were reports that Chichi had already turned down an offer for a Korean command post.

Other directors mentioned also have their own risks. 먹튀검증

Spanish coach Bordalas has no experience in overseas leagues or national teams. Coach Pink, who is known as the teacher of national team captain Son Heung-min (Tottenham), has an understanding of Asian football as he leads Japanese professional soccer team Vissel Kobe, but has no experience coaching the national team.

Even after advancing to the World Cup finals, head coach Halil Hodzic, who was sacked in Japan and Morocco, has his abilities, but is a somewhat self-righteous type, and it is evaluated that it is difficult to get a big score in harmony.

Although the association is in an atmosphere of negotiating with a foreign coach as a priority, there is a possibility that it will turn into a domestic leader if it is not feasible.

Previously, Chairman Müller presented five criteria for appointing the national team coach. The first is professionalism, the second is experience, the third is motivation, the fourth is teamwork ability, and the last is environmental factors (whether it is possible to live in Korea, etc.). picked

In particular, the last criterion, whether it is possible to live in Korea, is expected to be the biggest variable. Bento stayed in Korea with his family and worked as a manager without difficulty, but the negotiations broke down when coach Bert van Marweig (Netherlands), who was a strong candidate for the Korean national team manager in the past, requested to work from home.

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