‘Celtic transfer rush’ Oh Hyun-gyu .. Suwon “I can’t catch it”

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Suwon Oh Hyeon-kyu, who participated in the Qatar World Cup as a reserve member, is rapidly advancing to Europe.

Celtic’s additional offer has been positively reviewed by Suwon.

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Celtic, a prestigious club in Scotland, sent a love call to Oh Hyeon-kyu from the end of last year.

The Suwon club, which was trying to retain Oh Hyun-gyu, said in a phone call with MBC that “Celtic recently made an additional offer by significantly raising the transfer fee and annual salary, and there is a big difference between the amount proposed by Suwon and it is impossible to hold on to it.” suggested. 슬롯사이트

Manager Lee Byeong-geun also decided to positively review Oh Hyun-kyu’s transfer.

“(During field training) Hyeon-gyu came to my room several times to talk about his concerns about wanting to discuss… I don’t think I can just take care of my greed.”

After completing the first battery training in Geoje, Suwon said that it would make a decision early next week at the earliest after meeting Oh Hyun-gyu.

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