Certain ability, burdensome personal life issues… Will there be a team to recruit?

 The manager who has led the team to runner-up since the first year of coaching is looking for a new team.

On the 17th (Korean time), the Boston Celtics club appointed acting manager Joe Mazzula as the official manager and gave him a multi-year contract.

Majula was the acting director of Imeu Udoka. Coach Udoka, who led Boston to the 2022 Finals in his first year as manager, was suspended for one season when an affair scandal with a female Boston club employee was discovered. 바카라사이트

In this situation, Coach Majula, who was put in as a defense and defense, exceeded expectations as an acting manager and succeeded in taking the official manager position.

As a result, coach Udoka, who led the team to the finals in his first year as manager, officially became an independent. He was allowed to offer him the managerial position by any team.

According to a report by the local media Hotwire, Udoka is expected to receive strong love calls from various clubs. The controversy over his private life is a very burdensome issue, but it is expected that many teams will covet it because he has clearly certified his ability.

In particular, Udoka is expected to send a love call from teams with poor defense in that he builds a strong defense system. Although there is controversy over his personal life, I wonder which team will recruit a coach who is sure of his ability.

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