Chairman Al-Ahli, “Jeonbuk FW Gustavo failed to recruit because of agent”

Egypt’s prestigious Al-Ahli is attracting attention, saying that the reason they couldn’t embrace Jeonbuk Hyundai striker Gustavo, whom they sought to recruit through the winter transfer market, was because of the agent’s trickery.

According to Egyptian media <Kura 11>, Chairman Al-Ahli cited the agent’s excessive reason for not bringing in Gustavo, who was promoted in the winter transfer market, through a video statement. According to reports, chairman Al-Ahli claimed, “It was because of Gustavo’s agent. The agent ruined the contract by demanding a transfer fee of 18 million Egyptian pounds (about 750 million won).” 안전놀이터

In other words, the player’s agent raised his voice that he had ruined the deal by demanding a very excessive transfer fee from Al-Ahli.

Gustavo, who joined Jeonbuk in 2020, was rumored to have been caught on Al-Ahli’s radar network throughout the winter transfer market, but there was a response that the transfer was canceled due to opposition from his team, Jeonbuk. However, Al-Ahli reacted more sensitively to the agent’s excessive demand for transfer fees rather than Jeonbuk’s opposition.

Meanwhile, Gustavo is currently preparing for the 2023 K-League 1 by sweating at the Spanish training camp in Jeonbuk.

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