Choi Jeong, challenge for the first win in the Senko Cup… Competition for the quarterfinals in Tokyo from the 3rd

There is an international game that Choi Jeong (27, picture), 9 dan, who is recognized as the world’s first player in women’s baduk, has yet to conquer. The Senko Cup, hosted by Japan, is the world women’s best Go tournament. Up until the 4th tournament, it was only runner-up 2 times.

Choi Jeong-eun was the only Korean driver to be invited to the 5th Senko Cup to be held in Tokyo from the 3rd. China will have Zhou Hongyu (21), the winner of the 2020 Wu Qingyuan Cup and second in the country’s women’s rankings. Japan, the host country, will participate in four contestants: Rina Fujisawa (25) and Sumire Nakamura (14). 메이저사이트

Choi Jeong-eun is reigning with three crowns, holding her No. 1 spot in the domestic women’s ranking for 111 months. The winning prize is 10 million yen (approximately 96 million won), which has been restored to the size before the corona crisis. Eight players face off in a face-to-face tournament.

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