Choi Min-jung, crying at the ‘No Gold in Individual Exhibition’ “I don’t want to make excuses… I will try again”

 Choi Min-jung (Seongnam City Hall), who failed to win the individual championship at the world championship held in her hometown after 7 years, could not hide her regret. Choi Min-jeong vowed to grow further, using the disappointment of this tournament as a springboard.

Choi Min-jeong recorded 1:29:679 in the women’s 1000m final at the 2023 International Skating Union (ISU) Short Track World Championships held at the ice rink in Mok-dong, Seoul on the 12th, placing second behind Sandra Belzevoor (Netherlands).토토사이트

With this, Minjung Choi ended her solo exhibition at this event with her ‘no gold’. In the women’s 1500m, which was held the previous day, Choi Min-jeong also won her silver medal after being beaten by Swelting (Netherlands).

After the 1000m final match, Choi Min-jeong held back tears and met with reporters in the mixed zone, saying, “The individual event ended unfortunately. I strongly feel that I have to accept the result and prepare well again.” I’m upset that I can’t show it. It will be an opportunity for me to grow personally.”

Choi Min-jung was not in perfect shape ahead of this competition. Her ankle injury made it difficult for her to focus on the tournament, forcing her to return home before the 6th tournament.

However, she did not use Min-Jung Choi as an excuse. Choi Min-jung said, “I don’t want to cite injuries or deterioration she suffered this season as the cause. There was just a lack of her personal skills and tactics. She will make up for it and show a more developed figure.” did.

He added, “As I went through the season, I thought that the skating and the flow of the game itself had changed a lot. I plan to spend a little more time and completely change my equipment and skating. It will be a new challenge.”

Lastly, Choi Min-jeong looked forward to the next season, saying, “I wanted to rest after the Beijing Olympics, but I wanted to show a good performance as it was a competition held in Korea. Although the result is unfortunate, I will accept it and try again.”

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