Choo Shin-soo, ‘Broken ankle while running’, replaced the protective dimension…”Decision to go to hospital after checking the condition” 

 Bad news broke out in SSG. Choo Shin-soo (41) of “Chu Choo Train” suffered a sprained ankle while running base. He was knocked down for a while and then was helped and replaced.

Choo Shin-soo started as the designated hitter in the first game of the 2023 KBO League regular season against Hanwha on the weekend at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 12th and scored 2 hits and 1 run.

He hit a double to the right in the bottom of the first inning. In the bottom of the third, he made an exquisite bunt hit to the pitcher’s right side. It was a multi-hit 9 days after the KT game on the 3rd. Following 1 hit and 1 walk against KIA the previous day, multiple hits on base two days in a row.

The problem arose in the bottom of the 7th inning. He got on base with a ball hit to the body from 1 out and 1 base. Next, Joo-hwan Choi hit a double from the right. Second base runner Kim Min-sik came home, and Choo Shin-soo ran to third base. Joo-hwan Choi was tagged out while overrunning at second base.

When Choo Shin-soo nearly reached third base, his right ankle snapped when he stepped on the base. Choo Shin-soo collapsed and complained of great pain. Choo Shin-soo’s wife and daughter were at the scene, and their anxious look was captured on the screen.카지노사이트

The trainer checked Shin-soo Choo’s condition, and an ambulance came into the field. Still, he slowly made his way back to the dugout with support, not an ambulance. Choi Seong-min was put in as the main runner.

An SSG official said, “Choo Shin-soo suffered pain in his right ankle during base running, so he was replaced to protect the player. He will check his condition and decide whether to go to the hospital or not.”

It has been a long time since I hit a multi-hit and showed a good look. He got injured while playing base run. It shouldn’t be a big injury from SSG’s point of view.

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