Coach Mwafe of Zambia, “I admit defeat”

 Coach Bruce Mwafe clearly admitted defeat. 

The Zambia women’s soccer team, led by coach Mwafe, lost 2-5 to the Korean women’s soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell, in an A-match hosted by Shinsegae E-Mart at the Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 7th. Both teams will have a return match at Yongin Mir Stadium on the 11th. 

The following is a Q&A with director Bruce Mwafe. 카지노사이트

Q. Zambia will also consider the match against our national team as a mock test against Japan. How do you feel about today’s match?

▶Mock exams are correct. Rather than that, we are concentrating on finding the best selection for the final list. It is the process of preparing for the World Cup. It was our goal to select players with good capabilities through friendly matches, and we did that.”

Q. You said that you analyzed our national team through clips. Who is the player? (Question from STN Sports)

▶I think that watching the clip and the actual game are different. It is not limited to Korea. It is included in all content. I knew that it could be different in the actual game, and I felt it again on this day. So the 

match Speaking of the first half of the game, the ball was held well under pressure. In the second half, Korea’s post play was good. The movement of the new striker (Park Eun-sun) was good. Kim Hye-ri in defense, Lee Geum-min in midfield, and Park Eun-sun in attack. This was the most impressive.

Q. Did the cold weather, unlike Zambia, affect the game?

▶ There are many things that the cold weather has affected the performance, and the frozen distance has also affected the performance. Playing in European leagues, especially those coming from Spain, takes about 15 hours. There is also a side that arrived last night and went to the game. There is also the difficulty of the different training times that are usually taken. But there is no excuse for defeat. Admit defeat. 

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