Consecutive PS Wellbang-Blue One, TS Shampoo aiming for glory in the first year, ‘Blast’ Hana Card

The first champ, a ‘deceased person’, or a gust of wind.

From the 17th to the 23rd, the ‘Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2022-23 Postseason’ will be held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang. 

The winning team in the first season was won by Hana Card (21 wins and 20 losses), and the winning team in the second half league and before and after seasons was won by Welcome Savings Bank (27 wins and 15 losses). Blue One Resort recorded 23 wins and 19 losses, and TS Shampoo∙Pura Chicken recorded 20 wins and 22 losses. In order of ranking, they are Welcome Savings Bank, Blue One Resort, Hana Card, and TS Shampoo∙Pura Chicken. 

The No. 1 Welcome Savings Bank went first to the championship match and was in a position to wait for the last challenger. 

■ ‘Wall of Wailing built by Kudron’ vs ‘It’s time to change the rankings’ 

TS Shampoo∙Pura Chicken (then TS∙JDX Heroes) were the finalists in the 2020-21 season Shinhan Investment PBA Team League, the first year of the Team League launch. won the championship One season was skipped without reaching the postseason, but another opportunity came. His goal was to regain his pride as the original champion.

Welcome Savings Bank has never failed to appear in the postseason for three seasons since the launch of the Team League. Of course, I’ve never had bad grades. In the first season, he placed 1st in the regular league and 2nd in the postseason, and in the 2021-22 season, he added 1st place in the regular league and won the final postseason championship. Captain Kudron’s fighting spirit was so great that even if he hesitated in the first half, he immediately jumped up in the second half. In this competition, the pride of the unified first place was kept without fail. 

Blue One Resort got lost at the beginning of the 2021-22 season and won the second half league championship, tied for 3rd in the regular league and finished the postseason as runner-up. This year, David Zapata, Kang Min-goo, and Throng Piabi carried trophies one after another, and the team’s momentum reached its peak. It is a team with very clear outlines of aces. We want to defeat the stronghold of Welcome Savings Bank and get our first final trophy.

Even though they are the youngest team that joined this season, Hana Card, the ‘Blast’, boasted perfect teamwork and made a surprise by winning the first league. LPBA Emperor Kim Ga-young, Kim Jin-ah, who has perfectly adapted to the professional world, ace Nguyen Quoc Nguyen, ‘Greek Genius’ Philippos Kasidocostas, ‘PBA First Year Champ’ Captain Kim Byung-ho, and ‘Iron Heart’ Shin Jeong-ju are on standby. Attention is focusing on whether the teamwork built by emptying about 250 cans of coffee will shine in the postseason.

■ Waiting for 1st and 2nd teams, 4th to hang on, 3rd to push 

If you look at the win/loss chart between teams in the regular league this season, Blue One Resort is far behind Welcome Savings Bank by a record of 1-5. Against Hana Card, TS Shampoo, and Puradak, respectively, they were slightly ahead by 4-2. The win-loss record of Welcome Savings Bank is either a 3-3 draw or a 5-1 or 4-2 lead, so there is no inferiority to any other team. 

Hana Card was 2-4 inferior to Blue One Resort, and stood shoulder to shoulder with Welcome Savings Bank and TS Shampoo∙Pura Chicken 3-3. TS Shampoo and Puradak were tied 2-4 against Welcome Savings Bank and Blue One Resort, respectively, and 3-3 against Hana Card 카지노. This is only a relative record so far, and it is difficult to predict the postseason result in advance with that record. 

During the regular season, TS Shampoo∙Pura Chicken ate and stretched out the enemy with the strategy of ‘filling the set’ to drain the opponent’s camp. If you get tangled up in the swamp defense strategy, you will be exhausted even if you win the semi-playoffs. It has no choice but to play a tough match against Blue One Resort, which has a one-win advantage. Hana Card had no choice but to get rid of it quickly. On the other hand, Blue One Resort has to play a best-of-five game, so the lower teams are exhausted, the better. 

The championship match against Welcome Savings Bank, which took first place in the last regular season, will be held on February 20th. The winning team in the playoffs will face the Welcome Savings Bank queue. There is no championship advantage and it is played in a best-of-seven match. 

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