‘Corona drinking’ Park Seok-min, 93% reduction?↔Two juniors are in crisis of baseball’s ‘lost’

 NC Dinos completed the 2023 season salary contract on the 27th. Among them was Park Seok-min.

Park Seok-min signed a contract with an annual salary of 700 million won for the 2022 season to 50 million won. 50 million won is the minimum annual salary for a first-team player. It was a 93% cut.

Of course, it was because of the hotel drink party in July 2021 that Park Seok-min drew attention. He himself said that he had a beer with a female acquaintance he met by chance at an expedition hotel, but fans did not believe it.

The problem is that they violated the corona quarantine guidelines and had a drinking session with a woman in a hotel room late at night. And it was the fact that professional baseball was suspended due to corona. Juniors such as Park Min-woo, Kwon Hee-dong, and Lee Myung-gi, who were called by senior Park Seok-min, were also suspended from business trips and were punished.

Park Seok-min was suspended for 50 games, and Lee Myung-gi, Kwon Hee-dong, and Park Min-woo were suspended for 25 games for private gatherings. The KBO also imposed a suspension of 72 games and a fine of 10 million won on each of them.

Park Seok-min, the main culprit of drinking, was criticized by fans for not cutting a penny during salary negotiations in the 2022 season.

Looking at the NC salary negotiations last season, it is like this. Park Min-woo stamped from 630 million won to 420 million won in 2021. Lee Myung-gi’s salary was drastically cut from 270 million won to 175 million won, and Kwon Hee-dong’s from 170 million won to 110 million won. 메이저놀이터

On the other hand, Park Seok-min did not lose even 1 won as the free agent (FA) contract period remained. On January 8, 2020, when the FA contract was signed, the contract was automatically extended to 2022 as an option when renewing the contract for ‘2 + 1 years’ with the NC Dinos. In 2020, he renewed his contract with NC for up to 3 years with a basic guarantee of 2 years, and thanks to this, he was frozen when his juniors suffered an annual salary cut of up to 200 million won.

Among the juniors who suffered a salary cut last year, it is unknown whether Kwon Hee-dong and Lee Myeong-gi will continue their careers as players.

Last season, Kwon Hee-dong recorded 53 hits in 238 at-bats, 5 homers, a batting average of 0.223 OPS and 0.646. Lee Myung-gi had 77 hits in 300 at-bats, 23 RBIs, a batting average of 0.257, and an OPS of 0.642.

Both of them obtained FA qualifications and entered the FA market, but they are not receiving calls from other teams because they have a scarlet letter written on them that says ‘corona sulpan’.

The seniors who set up a drinking party continue to remain on the baseball field, but the juniors who are dragged away by the senior’s call are in a situation where they may have to take off their familiar uniforms

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