Daegu FC heading to Kagoshima, Japan… 2nd camp focused on actual combat

Daegu FC, which finished the first camp in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do  , will start the second camp in Kagoshima, Japan from February 4th  . Daegu FC,  which focused on improving physical strength and organizational power in Namhae,  was evaluated as particularly successful in strengthening the team’s basic physical strength and boosting the confidence of  young players through victory in practice matches  . The 2nd Japanese camp, which will last for about two weeks until the 17th, will  focus on new experiments and tactical perfection  through a total of 5 practice matches,  including the J3 League team and university team  카지노사이트. Daegu also promoted practice matches with J1 and J2 League teams,  but it was reported that the match could not  be held as the opposing teams finished camp and  returned to their hometown ahead of the opening of the J-League on February 17th  . In Kagoshima, Japan, the 2nd camp site,  about 20 key players will participate  in a practice game with the best power,  adding various attempts to  finalize team tactics and strategies in  preparation for the 2023 season . Daegu FC , which only about half of the players left for the Japanese camp,  is composed of remaining promising players. 

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