‘Daegu Ttukbaegi’ Edgar returns… “I didn’t want to end with an injury”

Edgar (36, Brazil), the ‘King of Air Rights’ of Daegu FC, is sweating hard to launch a flare of revival.

Edgar, who had his contract terminated with Daegu due to an Achilles tendon rupture last season, is wearing the number 9 uniform again and is digesting winter battery training for the 2023 season.

Edgar said on the 1st at the battery training camp in Namhae, South Gyeongsang Province, “I am in good condition and I am training in hopes that my physical condition will rise to the level the coach wants.” He showed confidence, saying, “It will take time for my skills to return to their original state because the period after the injury is long,” but “It is getting better and will continue to improve.”

Wearing a Daegu uniform in 2018, Edgar scored 35 goals and 15 assists in 95 K-League matches. His height of 191cm and his high aerodynamics were a key weapon in Daegu’s counterattack soccer.

When Edgar stood in front of the goal, the opposing defenses tensed up. He also scores goals with his own header, but also creates chances for his teammates to score by linking passes.

Edgar was injured during the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) playoffs in March last year. He was out at the start of the season due to a diagnosis of Achilles tendon rupture.

As a long-term absence was inevitable, Daegu also terminated the contract with Edgar. I thought the relationship would end like that, but Daegu announced the re-recruitment of Ed in December of last year. 먹튀검증

Edgar recalled, “Actually, I’ve never been seriously injured in my soccer life, but I got a big injury when I came to Daegu.” He continued, “The Achilles tendon injury was such an indescribable shock that I thought, ‘Will I ever be able to play soccer again?'”

He said, “I was frustrated and discouraged that I couldn’t play soccer, which I’ve done my whole life, but it was something I had to carry on as a soccer player.” added.

Daegu, which finished third in the top split with Edgar, who played an active role in the 2021 season with 10 goals and 5 assists in the league, weakened after Edgar left. Although he was in danger of relegation in the 2022 season, he showed his last determination and finished the 2022 season in 8th place.

Now it’s Edgar’s turn to show. He emphasized, “I started walking after surgery and now I am recovering from injury and digesting battery training.” He then raised his voice, saying, “I will make history in Daegu, which has chosen me again.”

Edgar said, “I didn’t want to end up with an injury in a team where I felt joy, sorrow, and pleasure.”

Daegu, which returned to Edgar, became the ‘junsamba corps’. ‘Living Legends’ Cezinya, Pena, Serato, and Baselus Brazil’s 5 players will be responsible for Daegu’s firepower this season.

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