‘Daejoo’ agent Choi Seung-min’s confidence in Yeom Kyung-yup’s prediction: “Speed is my biggest strength”

By Jang-won Seo LG Twins manager Yoon Kyung-yeop “predicted” a new start for outfielder Choi Seung-min (27), who is excited about the prospect of a fresh start and is determined to succeed.

Choi, who joined the NC Dinos as a developmental player in 2015, moved to LG in a one-for-one trade on the 18th. At the time of the trade, LG said of Choi, “We evaluate his ability to perform operations as a main runner with a quick focus,” adding, “We expect him to be of great help to the team in the late game.”

Choi also played in the NC, mainly as a pinch-runner. In 116 games with the first team, he batted .297 with five home runs, 32 RBIs and 16 stolen bases. This season, he played 24 games in the Futures League, batting .239 with seven stolen bases.

He has quick feet, running the 100 metres in 11 seconds. In 2016, he stole 35 bases in the Futures League, and in 2020, he led the Futures South League in stolen bases with 26.

LG has a vacancy at the top of the order as Shin Min-jae, a former top-of-the-order player, has stepped up to become the starting second baseman. Yeom turned his radar to the first and second tier and selected Choi Seung-min to request a trade directly from the front office.

“Choi Seung-min will start playing with the second team from tomorrow. In the offence, he will come in as a substitute when the runners are out and play the role of a pinch-hitter, and in the defence, he will play all outfield positions. After he plays consistently, we’ll report back and if he’s improved, we’ll call him up to the first team,” he explained.

After arriving in Seoul on the 19th, Choi joined the team’s training session at Jamsil Stadium on the 20th for the first time. Everything is still new to him, but his motivation is clear.

“When I first heard the news of the trade, I was surprised, but I also felt good because it was LG,” he said after the training, adding, “I’m in a new team, so I’ll adapt well and show good form.”

Choi Seung-min is also well aware of his role at LG. “It’s similar to when I was in the NC, so I don’t have any problems adjusting. His home is also in Seoul, so he can play baseball in a more relaxed environment.안전놀이터

“The coach also told me to focus on being a big runner and a big defender. I didn’t want to be a starter, but I wanted to stick to my role and help the team in each situation,” he emphasised.

In the NC, he had fewer opportunities to play due to the solid outfield, but in the LG, he had a stage to showcase his skills. Like Shin Min-jae, who made the leap from pinch-hitter to starting infielder, Choi Seung-min is eager to seize the opportunity.

“From what I saw in the NC, LG was a strong team with a solid line-up. I’m happy and proud to be a part of LG,” he said. “I’m also grateful that the coach personally filmed me. I will fine-tune my skills in the second team and do my best in my position to help the team.”

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