Day One, Busan City want each other…but differ on ‘first gateway’ before tie-ups

Professional basketball team Goyang Day One (ex-Carot) is moving to Busan. A positive momentum has been created. However, the team wants to sign an affiliation agreement and Busan City wants to resolve the sponsorship issue first. It is a knot that both sides need to untie first.

A representative of DAWN said on the 25th, “Busan is the most active among those who have made proposals. From our point of view, it is the most promising.” A Busan city official also said, “It’s true that Day One has proposed to relocate to Busan. It is our hope that a men’s professional basketball team will be based in Busan.”

Day One’s move to relocate to Busan was previously announced on the Busan City Hall information disclosure portal, with a notice titled ‘Opinion Notice for Attracting a Men’s Basketball Team’. Previously, D.Y.O.N. pushed to relocate to Pohang, but it was unsuccessful and turned to Busan. Day One wants to move to Busan and Busan City wants to attract a men’s professional basketball team, so the atmosphere is quite positive.

However, there is a disagreement over the ‘first step’ to accompany each other. The city of Busan sees the signing of a sponsor for the Day One Basketball Team as a precursor. The team played its first season last season with a naming sponsorship deal with Carot Insurance. A city official said, “The important thing is that the sponsor of the basketball team must be decided first, so they can come to Busan. Deciding on a company to sponsor is a prerequisite.”

On the other hand, Day One wants to sign an association agreement and confirm the location of the team in Busan. They believe that the sponsor issue can be solved together later. An official said, “The first step is to sign an association agreement with Busan City. The first step is to sign an association agreement with Busan City. We can solve the sponsor issue together, and our position is to solve the part related to the location first. I think we can coordinate,” he said.먹튀검증

Still, if the first knot is tied well, the relocation of DaeWon to Busan will be a breeze for both sides. “From our point of view, (the move to Busan) is definite,” said Dayone, and the city of Busan also predicted, “If a sponsor is decided quickly, it could be a quick turnaround.” If a Busan-based team participates in professional basketball in the 2023-24 season, it will be the first time in three seasons since the 2020-21 season when Busan KT (now Suwon KT) participated.

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