Dinosaur Corps 27-year-old hitmaker’s three-for-three…not satisfied with second-best hitter, ‘stick to me, body side’

“It’s a ball that sticks a lot to the body, but his hands are fast.”

SPOTV commentator Yang Sang-moon praised NC infielder Seo Ho-cheol (27) while broadcasting the Changwon NC-LG game on the 27th. “A hitter who hits the outside ball well has a good batting technique, and a hitter who hits the inside ball well has good motor skills and athleticism,” Yang said at the time.

The key measure to evaluate a real hitter is the ability to hit outside pitches. You can hit outside pitches if you have a good batting mechanic and are quick. Outside, on the other hand, is a technique. In that sense, Seo is a corner infielder with tons of potential. He wasn’t a Futures League batting champion for nothing.

However, he struggled to find his place in the first team. In late June and early July, he was hitting between 2-3, but after taking a break in mid-July due to a ligament injury to his little finger, he lost his balance and rhythm.

In fact, Seo batted .233 in July and .227 in August. However, he bounced back with a 5-for-12 performance in a three-game home series against LG on July 25-27. To Yang’s credit, he’s almost back to his peak form. He sticks to his original style of hitting close to the body of the batter’s box.

Pitchers who are not confident with their pitches on the inside of the plate will have no choice but to go for the outside one. This is where Seo comes in. He hits close to the body line of the batter”s box, which allows him to skillfully target the outside. I thought the concept was for outside pitches, but as Yang said, it also works for inside pitches. It’s clear that Seo is a good hitter.

After the Gwangju KIA game was canceled due to rain on the 29th, manager Kang Myung-hyun said, “After the injury, his feeling has dropped a bit. He had a few games off, and his timing hasn’t returned. I think he will find his form as he plays more games.”

At this point, he’s down a third. However, with his recent form, he has a good chance of getting it back. His first-team batting average is .256. Hitting a triple this year doesn’t mean Seo’s Avery is a triple, but there’s a difference between hitting a triple in the first team and not hitting a triple.안전놀이터

Once you hit a triple, you’ve laid the foundation for being recognized as a true triple hitter. If you can do it consistently for at least three years, you’ll be recognized as an Avery. It’s not an easy task. Right now, Seo is battling with himself between triple digits and late double digits.

NC is going through a complete rebuilding process in the infield. With the exception of Park Min-woo at second base, the team is in the process of establishing a new powerhouse for the future. He can play multiple positions in the infield, but is best suited for third base. If we’re being realistic and don’t expect much more from Park, Seo should be the go-to third baseman. The first base spot should go to the big guns like Yoon Hyung-joon and Oh Young-soo. Seo’s challenge could be a big milestone for NC.

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