Director Jo Dong-hyeon of ‘Four wins when you meet Gas Corporation’ “Seo Myeong-jin has a lot of talent… ”

Hyundai Mobis won all 4 confrontations with Korea Gas Corporation. 

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis won 93-86 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball match against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation held at the Daegu Gymnasium on the 22nd. With the victory on this day, Hyundai Mobis continued the record for all wins in the gas construction season.

Hyundai Mobis was busy chasing after losing the flow to KOGAS at the beginning of the first quarter, but succeeded in narrowing the score after replacing Ronjay Avarientos and Choi Jin-soo (24-27). Hyundai Mobis, who succeeded in reversing (51-47) in the second quarter, continued the game while maintaining the advantage. In the 4th quarter, it seemed precarious due to the pursuit of KOGAS, but after drawing out the KOGAS’ mistake, it was finished with a victory by accumulating points one after another. 

After the game, Hyundai Mobis coach Dong-Hyun Cho said, “It was an easy match, but it is regrettable that we lost concentration. However, the players got back up and won the game they had to win, and I think they will be able to enjoy the game during the Lunar New Year holiday.”

Regarding Seo Myung-jin, who contributed to the victory by scoring 24 points that day, “I arrived at the Daegu Gymnasium yesterday (21st) and put a lot of emphasis on it because I was more passive than the talent I had. I think thank you for listening. You can’t be active in all 54 games, but you have to be more active to grow. I will always emphasize it so that I will know it,” he said, emphasizing Seo Myeong-jin’s activeness. 메이저사이트

Manager Cho Dong-hyun, who expressed regret at the guards’ ability to manage the game before the game, said, “Today (22nd) is the same. In a winning situation, go to a narrow place, turn over, and do your own thing to give the opponent an excuse. Regarding the game management of the leading guard, I emphasize that in terms of game management, you must grow to become a great player,” he pointed out the guard operation again.

Regarding Avarientos, who played the role of a solver in a close match, such as being reversed at one point in the 4th quarter, coach Dong-Hyun Cho said, “He is a good player who has the ability to solve the problem in the match. During the break, I was worried about Avarientos, but I thought that it was physically difficult, so I am going to arrange my physical strength from the second half.”

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