Do you regret extending your contract with Chelsea? Brazil wants to come back

The news is that Thiago Silva wants to return to Brazil.

Silva is a veteran defender for Chelsea. It would not be strange to retire tomorrow, but Silva is still continuing his career in Europe’s top leagues even in his late 30s. Besides, Silva is not far behind in terms of his skills, even when compared to the other defenders on the team. Rather, when Silva falls out of the defensive line, it feels like Chelsea’s defense is shaken. Due to Silva’s strong performance, Chelsea signed a one-year contract with Silva earlier this year, but news broke that Silva wants to return to his native Brazil.

Brazilian media ‘Globo Esporte’ said, “According to Silva’s agreement with Chelsea’s football director Christopher Bibel, Silva may return to Fluminense. Silva has a contract until June next year, but his career at Fluminense is “I will give up my last year in the Premier League (EPL) to finish the 2018 season,” he said, adding that Silva could return to Fluminense. Fluminense is the team where Silva started playing football during his youth days.

Global football media ‘’ quoted this report and said, “Silva recently signed a one-year extension contract with Chelsea until 2024. However, this was a contract signed before manager Graham Porter was sacked, and manager Porter was Since leaving Chelsea have been eliminated from the UEFA Champions League (UCL), Silva will regret his decision to sign a contract extension. Currently, Silva is thinking about his future and will return to Brazil. He said Silva regretted extending his contract and wanted to return to Brazil.먹튀검증

Silva’s departure is likely to be a blow to Chelsea. Even if Silva is missing, Chelsea has several center back resources such as Wesley Popana, Kalidou Koulibaly and Benoit Badiacil, but Silva’s role within Chelsea is quite large. Besides reading the game on the pitch and leading the defense, Silva is a player who can act as a leader in the locker room. He is also a presence that can help young players develop their skills.

With Chelsea rapidly increasing the size of their squad in a short period of time, the atmosphere in the squad is shaking, and Silva’s departure could be a bigger blow than Chelsea expected.

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