European Scout “Bae Joon-ho expected to stay in the K League this year”

K League All-Star Bae Joon-ho (20-Daejeon Hana Citizen) is likely to remain in the Korean Professional Football League this season.

Fifth-year scout Marc Pineu (Portugal) said on Aug. 3 (Korean time), “I heard that Bae Jun-ho told the officials that he wants to finish the 2023 K League 1 schedule and improve his skills first.”

On July 27, Italian football publication Calcio Putti reported, “He could leave for Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands, but it would be later than what is considered the right time for the summer transfer market. Bae may have to wait for the January 2024 transfer window to open,” which is in line with the expectation.

Pigne is the Korea and Japan representative for soccer talent agency Youth Scouting. “He’s a fantastic player. His current skills are great, but his overall potential is huge,” he said, giving Bae a 10 out of 10 on his development potential.

In June 2022, the South Korea U19 team lost 1-5 against the Portugal U18 team at the Lisbon Tournament. Bae shined in the loss, assisting on the opening goal in the 21st minute.

Two days later, against the Czech Republic U18 team, he helped South Korea to a 4-1 victory, assisting on a goal in the 16th minute. The Lisbon Tournament is how the Portuguese soccer world began to take notice of Bae.

Since the round of 16 at the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2023, Bae has helped South Korea finish fourth with one goal and three assists in four games. He averaged 1.07 offensive points per 90 minutes while playing 84.0 minutes in the tournament.

In the U-20 World Cup quarterfinals, Bae Jun-ho dominated his matchup against Mattia Chanotti (Inter Milan). The player from the eighth-ranked team in the 2023-24 UEFA Club Rankings used his individual skills to dominate.

Bae was named the best winger on both the left and right wings in the 2023 U-20 Football World Cup Positional Power Rankings by ESPN Latin America and South American OTT service ST★R+.

ESPN Latin America and ST★R+ share the same parent company, The Walt Disney Company, the world’s largest media company. Bae Junho was also included in the list of “20 people to watch after the U-20 World Cup” by French broadcaster Canal Fleur.바카라사이트

On July 27, the Korean professional soccer all-star Team K League won its 2023 Coupang Play Series home match against Atletico Madrid (Spain), ranked 16th in the European club rankings, 3-2. Bae Jun-ho played the first half as the starting attacking midfielder.

Atletico head coach Diego Simeone (53-Argentina) named Bae as his most impressive Team K League player. Simeone was recognized by the European Union of Sports Journalists (UEPS) as the best football coach of 2011-12.

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