Even with 8 consecutive victories, the coach couldn’t smile “It was too dangerous”

Coach Yun Ho-jin could not smile despite the opening eight consecutive victories.

Yonsei University won 72-57 in the match against Chung-Ang University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Yonsei University Gymnasium on the 2nd.

With this victory, Yonsei University, which 바카라사이트 ran at an 8-game winning streak in the opening round, again tied for first place with Korea University (8 wins, 0 losses).

However, after the game, head coach Yun Ho-jin openly expressed his regret towards the players and left the court. He seemed completely dissatisfied with his performance.

Coach Yun Ho-jin said, “In the third quarter, the players who were to participate in the Universiade were left off the court. At that time, I hoped that the remaining players would handle the situation well. . I felt that the risk burden was too great if I ran the player like this.”

On this day, Chung-Ang University harassed Yonsei’s offense throughout the first half with a 2-3 regional defense and a 3-2 drop zone defense. Yonsei University seemed unable to break the regional defense of Chung-Ang University.

Director Yoon said, “It is true that Min-seo Lee was lacking in terms of game management because he took a 2-2 game mainly by himself until high school. As a guard, I hoped that he would use the court wider. There was a frustrating part because I was obsessed with the region, but it will be solved enough with experience.”

Still, there was some good news today. Kim Bo-bae, who missed the last two games due to a groin injury, made a comeback.

Director Yoon said, “(That part) is a bit stiff, but fortunately the pain doesn’t seem to go up. I put it in after working out for about 3 days, and it was better than I thought. I refrained from it because I thought it seemed like it. In fact, I shouldn’t have been put in at the end of the game.”

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