‘Family Month’ May… ‘Plenty’ of sports competitions in 3 years

Jeju, which was on holiday, was full of energy as various sports competitions, which had been disrupted by the aftermath of COVID-19, were held normally.

This month alone, 20 sports competitions will be held, five times more than last year.

Reporter Go Min-ju visited the scene.


I’m at Sarabong Soccer Field in Jeju City.

The Jeju Football Association long-term soccer tournament is being held on the occasion of the holiday.

Only 14 teams participated, and 154 local soccer clubs in Jeju City participated and the heat was hot.

In the soccer semifinal match between Iho FC and JS Oullim, JS Oullim successfully kicked a panel tick in the second half of the match and then took a mid-range shot.

Lee Ho FC tried to volley, but the goalkeeper made a save and JS Oullim took the win.

[Soundbite] Koh Jae-ho/JS Match Team : “It feels so good that our JS Match Team won more than anything else, and I’m greedy to be the top scorer.”]

Here in Seogwipo, the feast of shuttlecocks continues.

There was a lot of interest in the badminton competition held in Jeju from all over the country.

Let’s listen to the story of Kim Hyeong-kyun, public relations director who prepared for the national badminton competition.

What is the interest of friends across the country?

[Soundbite] Kim Hyung-kyun/Kim Man-deok-bae, Director of Public Relations for the National Badminton Competition: “The stadium is heated with enthusiasm thanks to the enthusiasm of players from all over the country. The participation of players has increased by more than 20% compared to the previous year. Accordingly, the Badminton Jeju Association has prepared more substantially. By doing so, we tried to encourage players to participate more.”] Hedrew out the opponent’s mistakes with bold smashing and put in an attack.카지노사이트

The moment the match is decided, joy and sorrow cross.

[Soundbite] Kang Jong-han/Yeom-yung Club : “I worked out very hard while preparing for the competition with the club members. I will do my best in the finals as well.”] In addition, the Korean Spring Paralympic Judo Championships will be held on the 20th

. Until this month, 14 competitions, including wrestling competitions and yachts for the disabled, will be held.

There are 20 sports events held in the province this month, five times more than before the Corona 19 quarantine guidelines were eased.

Sports events that were suspended or reduced are also returning to normal, bringing vitality to Jeju Island.

I am troubled by KBS News.

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