‘First Command Tower’ Park Nam-yeol’s launch table “Cheonan, the biggest goal is promotion PO… preparing for attack football”

Cheonan FC’s first head coach Park Nam-yeol (53) threw an ambitious ballot.

Coach Nam-yeol Park said at a press conference at the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held in Jeju on the 8th, “If you endure the first half well, you can challenge the promotion playoffs.”

Cheonan, which belonged to the semi-professional K3 League until last season, will play in the K League 2 as its membership in the K League is confirmed ahead of the 2023 season. Cheonan, which turned into a professional team, appointed coach Park as its first coach.

Coach Park, who played an active role as a Seongnam FC (former Ilhwa Chunma) player during his active career, transformed into a leader and coached the women’s national soccer team and coached Seongnam FC, Jeonnam Dragons, Gimhae City Hall soccer team, and Changwon City Hall soccer team.

Coach Park, who helped Changwon City Hall win the K3 League last season, was appointed as the first head coach of Cheonan, taking on the role of coaching a professional men’s team for the first time in his coaching career.

The following is a Q&A from director Park Nam-yeol.

-A word about your feelings ahead of the season.

Expectations are high because we can confirm that we have prepared well. How do we do well, and since I am also the first coach (men’s professional team), I am looking forward to it because I prepared well with the players.

-When you took office, you said, ‘I will show the fans concise and aggressive football’. How did you prepare for the direction you pursue?

I try to play clean soccer through pass games and build-ups. I don’t know if it will go well, but I’m currently training with a focus on this part at the training ground.

-I entrusted the captain’s armband to Kim Joo-heon.

I chose this because the player himself is sincere and has a strong sense of responsibility. Since the players come from several teams, I chose to unite them as one. In addition, Kim Joo-heon was chosen first because he had a strong sense of responsibility on the field and took the lead.

-He led the heyday of Seongnam FC (former Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma) during his active career. I think it will be a different feeling to face Seongnam in the league.

Feelings are new. In fact, what I wanted was Seongnam coach, but I had been a female soccer coach for a long time and this is how I met him. I met Seongnam, who finished my active career in the K-League 2, and I want to win because a game is a game. I’m preparing to show a good game, so I want to show what I’ve prepared.

– Coach Cheonan is the first coach of a men’s professional team. How have you been preparing?

It was difficult to start, but I prepared for it at Thailand’s field training. He put all his heart and soul into preparing the physical and tactical aspects, not all the players were ready. He is preparing by making the best lineup frame by covering the last boulder through actual matches. Now the squad is in a competitive state. I am preparing well for the real battle to cover the jade in it.

-Cheongju FC coach Choi Yoon-gyeom considers Cheonan a rival.

I think they are rivals because they are in the same region, but to me, all teams are rivals. I think all 12 K-League 2 teams are rivals because we are preparing to go high.

– Appointed veteran Kim Chang-soo (38) as playing coach.

Kim Chang-soo’s experience was considered important. Since we are a new team, we chose Kim Chang-soo because we thought that if Kim Chang-soo passed on his know-how and experience, young players would be able to blend in well and make a difference. When Kim Chang-soo became a body, he came out on the field and as his eldest brother, I appointed him because he thought that if he took the initiative for the younger players, it would create good synergy.

-Please tell us your target ranking.

The goal is to aim for a single-digit ranking. If we get greedy and endure the first half well, I think we might be able to ambitiously challenge the promotion playoffs.

-It was a rivalry with Gimpo FC in K3. Will the rivalry reappear in the second division?

Not really. Since Gimpo was promoted first and came to K-League 2, I think we should prepare better than Gimpo and go to a higher rank.

-Since it is a new team, we were entrusted with the task of gathering fans.

Clubs have to gather fans through marketing, but we are also preparing for fans to sympathize with us through good soccer and winning offensive soccer. We want to make the spectators see our games and feel, ‘This team is different’. I think if the players show a lively appearance at the stadium, the fans will come too.

-There are many freshmen. Who is the most anticipated player?

There are so many that I can’t pick a specific player. First of all, if Kim Joo-hwan (22) and Shin Won-ho (22) do well, they can go to the Olympics. Although they are young players, they have high expectations. Kim Chang-soo thinks he can come out on the field and help the players. Although he joined late, Damir (33) is a key player, so if he does well, I think our ranking will rise.

– After coaching the women’s national team and the men’s professional team, you were finally appointed as the professional team coach.

She came a long way back and made a lot of preparations. He has a prejudice against women’s soccer and men’s soccer, but they’re just very different. While women’s soccer is delicate, men’s soccer is speedy and powerful.

While coaching the women’s national team, he was very helpful in communication, and through his coaching life, he learned what coaches should do. Now that I am a manager, I will understand the coaches and work on an equal footing. It’s my first time as a director, so I’ll do my best without mistakes and risks. 온라인바카라

– In K League 2, rankings are often determined by foreign player skills. Evaluate the foreign players you currently have.

I feel that he is competitive because he played for Suwon Samsung. While teaching Motta (27) and Hodouf (30) for two months, I felt that I had never experienced K-League 2, but I think I am a competitive enough player in the league.

-What part did you put the most emphasis on while doing ‘covering the boulders’ in training?

He first emphasized and demanded professionalism and confidence. Regarding his playing style, he emphasized the connection and details that he could play with his teammates rather than his own.

-Many people say that K-League 2 is a tough league to survive in.

Personally, unlike the 1st division, I think that the 2nd division is at the same level except for 1 or 2 teams. You have prepared well to survive in this jungle-like place. Most of them play counter-attack soccer, which is more focused on defense than attack soccer, to play games that do not lose. We also need to prepare for this and prepare a lot for our style of attacking soccer and linkage.

-He continues to emphasize attacking football.

Looking at it, it seems that everyone uses a lot of counter-attack soccer in the center of the back 3. We prefer to go aggressive while building up from the beginning, and try to find a way out through forward pressure.

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