Gangwon FC Chuncheon Secretariat, relocating to Gangneung

Reporter Kim Gyeong-mok = Gangwon FC (Gangwon Provincial Football Club) Chuncheon Secretariat Gangneung relocation plan has emerged as an important issue inside and outside the club as much as Gangwon FC’s performance this season.

CEO Kim Byung-ji announced the club’s plan to relocate the Chuncheon Secretariat to the Gangneung Secretariat at the first press conference held at the Media Room in Songam Sports Town, Chuncheon the day before (9th).

The relocation of the Chuncheon Secretariat to Gangneung means the integration of the secretariat operation departments divided into Chuncheon and Gangneung. 메이저놀이터

If you look at the organization chart on the Gangwon FC website, the communication team in charge of media publicity, management support and game operation team, etc. are in the Chuncheon office, and the team management team is in the Gangneung office, which is equipped with lodgings for players called the Orange House, a dedicated training ground, and a physical training center. there is.

The Gangwon FC secretariat is actually located in Chuncheon, and the players maintain and train at the Gangneung Gangnam Soccer Park Orange House.

Gangwon FC’s dual operating form looks like a company’s headquarter is in Seoul and there is a factory in the province.

It is expected that the measles of internal dissatisfaction that occurs when the Seoul headquarters and headquarters of corporations and public institutions relocate to the provinces will also appear in Gangwon FC.

An official from the Gangwon FC Secretariat said that when CEO Kim revealed the plan to relocate the Chuncheon Secretariat to Gangneung, he said, “It is not confirmed.

Another official, seeing the title of the article, ‘Chuncheon Office Relocation to Gangneung’, said, “The CEO said that because he did not know well,” indicating that he did not want to discuss the relocation of Gangneung mentioned by CEO Kim.

CEO Kim said, “The plan was underway during the time of former CEO Lee Young-pyo, and I know that it was organized with the Gangneung side, and I don’t know the validity of the plan or such in-depth stories.” said.

He also said, “It’s like homework for me, but I don’t know if an agreement has been made, but I know that the secretariat will move to Gangneung before the end of this season.”

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