Gaon Choi, a super pipe, records a new record whenever he participates

Gaon Choi (15, Sehwa Girls’ Middle School, photo), a promising snowboarder, became the youngest player to win at the Dutour Snowboard Superpipe in the U.S., setting the record for the highest score in the event.

Gaon Choi won the 2023 Dew Tour Women’s Snowboard Super Pipe held in Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA on the 26th with a score of 98.33, the highest score ever in her event, and reached the top. Gaon Choi won at the age of 14 years and 3 months, making her the youngest ever champion. Following last month when she became the youngest winner of the X Games Women’s Super Pipe, she stunned the world one after another. Gaon Choi broke the record (14 years and 9 months) for the youngest woman to win the Women’s Super Pipe, held by Chloe Kim (USA) at the X Games.

Detour was established in 2005 as one of America’s leading extreme sports events along with the X Games. Superpipe is a type of halfpipe, an Olympic official event, and judges score and rank aerial performances such as rotation and jumping on an inclined semi-cylindrical slope according to basic movements, rotation, technique, and difficulty. 메이저사이트

In her first trial, Choi Ga-on received a score of 91.33 for succeeding in a 720-degree jump followed by a switchback 720 that floats in the air in the opposite direction of running and rotates. In the second period, she successfully performed 900-degree jumps and 900 switchbacks, scoring 95.66 points. points were earned. Gaon Choi said, “I couldn’t believe it when I saw the score. She was invited to the big event called Dew Tour following the X Games and I am really happy that she was able to win gold once again,” she said.

Second place was Patty Zhou (12, China) with 90.66 points, and Bea Kim (17, USA), who scored 80 points, took third. Zhou, who received attention as a ‘prodigy’ after winning the US national championships at the age of 8, missed the opportunity to win as the youngest player to win the championship, being pushed by Choi Ga-on.

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