Glaser’s heart is Ratcliffe?… The Fog Before the Man Utd Takeover

 The Manchester United takeover battle is getting more and more foggy. First of all, British entrepreneur James Ratcliffe was one step ahead, but Qatari bank capitalist Shekih Jashim also made a proposal that met the fan club’s needs.

The British BBC reported on the 30th (Korean time), citing a source familiar with the Manchester United bidding process, that the proposal of the Ineos Group, led by Ratcliffe, is much better than his own.

According to reports, Jashim has offered £5bn (8.4255 trillion won) for a full takeover of Manchester United. The amount of Ratcliffe’s bid was not disclosed, but it is said that he asked only for a controlling stake rather than an outright acquisition.

Judging from Ratcliffe’s request for a controlling stake alone, it appears to fall short of Jasim’s £5bn offer. Nevertheless, the reason why the BBC believes that Ratcliffe is one step ahead is because it analyzes that it suits the taste of the Glazer family who currently dominates Manchester United.먹튀검증

In response, the BBC explained that Ratcliffe initially asked for a 69% stake in the Glazer family, but changed his request last week. Ratcliffe has reduced his stake so that co-chairs Joel and Abram Glazer can continue to stay connected to Manchester United.

But the fan club doesn’t seem to be on Ratcliffe’s side. Manchester United’s 1958 fan club is demanding a full takeover of the club. Along with the complete withdrawal of the Glazer family, it is to prevent other capital forces from entering.

Meanwhile, Ineos Group, owned by Chairman Ratcliffe, is a British multinational chemical company and has a controlling stake in a company formed in partnership with a large company in Korea. The Ineos Group also owns the French Ligue 1 OGC Nice. If Chairman Ratcliffe takes over Manchester United, he will own two football clubs in England and France.

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