Goodbye from LG → A new start from Samsung, the excitement of the red horse “Feeling good with new players, starting now”

“I have a good time with my new friends. This is the beginning.”

Samsung Lions coach Park Jin-man chose an unexpected person as the head coach to assist him in the 2023 season. This is Lee Byeong-gyu (48), a legend of the LG Twins. Coach Park Jin-man and head coach Lee Byeong-gyu have never played on the same team. All he did was match his breath in the national team, such as the 2000 Sydney Olympics, 2002 Busan Asian Games, and 2006 World Baseball Classic (WBC). Head coach Lee Byung-gyu is two years older than head coach Park Jin-man.

Coach Lee Byeong-gyu kept the Jamsil Stadium in striped uniforms all the time, except for three years (2007-2009) when he played in Japan after joining LG in the first nomination in 1997. He is a rookie of the year and has won the Golden Glove 7 times.

Coach Lee Byung-kyu played 1,741 games in LG alone, recording a career batting average of 0.311, 2,043 hits, 161 homers, 92 RBIs, 992 runs scored and 147 stolen bases. The number 9 that coach Lee Byeong-gyu wore during his active career has now been permanently retired.

Head coach Lee Byeong-gyu, who has been on the path of a leader since 2018, also wore only the LG uniform for his coaching uniform. He has served as assistant hitting coach for the first team, hitting coach for the first team, fielding coach for the rest team, and hitting coach for the second team.

Since he is a legend of LG who has stronger LG colors than anyone else, many fans were shocked rather than shocked when he said that he would wear Samsung’s blue uniform.

Director Park Jin-man, who met with reporters before leaving for Okinawa, Japan, where the Samsung spring camp was set up on the 30th, said, “My personality is the exact opposite. I tend to be silent, but head coach Lee Byung-kyu is not a quiet person. The atmosphere is different. This is the first time I’ve digested spring camp at Samsung, but I hope coach Lee Byeong-gyu’s know-how is displayed. Then the atmosphere in our team will improve.”

Head coach Lee Byung-gyu said, “After coming back from Australia, I rested enough before leaving. I go happily with new friends.”

“To be honest, I need time to understand the players. You must go to Okinawa to see it. I guess I’ll have to give it some time Even last season, I didn’t see many first-team games while I was in the Futures League. I will go and see what the players are doing, and if there is something I need to do, I will find it.”

I haven’t talked to coach Park Jin-man about the specific season plan yet. When they arrive in Japan on this day, from then on, coach Park Jin-man and coach Lee Byung-kyu’s day-to-day seems to be busy. 먹튀검증

Coach Lee Byung-gyu said, “I’m going to have a meeting this evening, and it’s just the beginning. I have to talk a lot with the director. If the director sets the direction for how to operate, you have to follow it. I will talk a lot with the coaches and players so that I can help the team.”

Coach Lee Byung-gyu, who is leaving his old LG and starting anew at Samsung, said, “Of course, I am excited. I’m looking forward to it and I think I’ll have to bump into anything.”

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