GS Caltex, defeated Ginseng Corporation in a home game in a month and reported the first victory of the new year

GS Caltex reported its first victory in the year of the cat in the home room that returned after a month.

GS Caltex scored a set score of 3-2 (27-25 24-26 26-24 13-25 15-13) in the 4th round home game of the women’s division of the ‘Dodram 2022-2023 V-League’ against KGC Ginseng Corporation at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 9th. won With 9 wins and 11 losses and 28 points, it maintained 4th place while widening the gap with Ginseng Corporation (8 wins and 12 losses, 26 points) to 2 points. Opposite spiker (light) Moma took the lead with 29 points, while middle blocker (center) Han Su-ji contributed 11 points including 8 blocked points.

GS Caltex reported victory in the first home game of the new year, held on the 32nd after 8 games against Hyundai Construction (2-3 loss) on the 8th of last month. “Now is very important. As director Cha Sang-hyun said, “Spring Volleyball’s direction was taken,” GS Caltex laid the foundation for a rebound.

Ginseng Corp.’s Apposite Spiker Elisabeth, who recently showed a lack of decisiveness, scored 39 points, but the team lost. Before the game, Ginseng Corporation coach Ko Hee-jin said, “The recent performance has not been bad, but Elisabeth’s decision-making power has declined. He had a lot of conversations about the attack course and timing.”

From the first set, the match was tight. GS Caltex showed strength by middle blocker (center) Han Su-ji, who scored 4 points only with blocking, but the power of the serve was less than expected. Ginseng Corporation Elisabeth scored 11 points in the first set only, but committed 4 mistakes. In the 25-25 deuce, GS Caltex caught the mood with Ahn Hye-jin’s sub-ace, and won the first set with opponent Elisabeth’s four-hit mistake. 스포츠토토

The second set was also a hit and run. GS Caltex took the lead, but Ginseng Corporation overturned the atmosphere with outside heater (left) Lee So-young’s dedicated defense. At 18-20, after showing a tremendous dig at the left and right ends of the court, he induced the opponent to attack out, and at 22-24, he succeeded in an open attack. As GS Caltex faltered by committing a position fault, Ginseng Corporation tied the score 1-1 with middle blocker Jung Ho-young’s blocking goal.

The third set was also close. When GS Caltex ran away, Ginseng Corp. followed suit. At the end of a one-step battle, we faced a deuce situation again. On 24-24, GS¤tex took the third set with outside hitter Kang So-hui’s two consecutive points. Ginseng Corporation did not back down and won the fourth set 25-13, driving the game to the final set.

Even in the 5th set, it was a flow of up and down. GS Caltex raised the score by the players’ even participation in the attack, and Ginseng Corporation led the attack alone with Elisabeth. In the 12-12 situation, Elisabeth’s spike was intercepted by Oh Se-yeon, a middle blocker, and MoMA succeeded in a back attack, and GS Caltex took the lead. At the last moment, Kang So-hui’s open attack hit the mark, and GS Caltex won the first victory of the new year.

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