Gwangju takes down tarps after ‘light rain’…KIA-LOTTE game set to start at 7:10 p.m.

The Giants are back in action after being held back by drizzle.

On the 13th, Kia Champions Field in Gwangju will host the first game of a two-game series between the Kia Tigers and Lotte Giants.

But before the game started, a light drizzle began to fall. A thin stream of rain covered the ballpark. The crowd reached for their umbrellas. With 15 minutes to go, the umpire ordered the field to be covered with a tarp. At that point, the 6:30 p.m. start was no longer a possibility.

The problem was that the weather forecast called for more rain clouds as the night progressed. Visually, this was rain that would not have been a problem if the game had started on time. It’s a shame that the referee didn’t do a better job.안전놀이터

However, the referee could have prioritized the protection of the ground. The Gwangju game will be played not only today but also the next day. If the game is canceled, the rules require a doubleheader the next day. The last thing the umpires want is a doubleheader.

The KBO decided that if a game is canceled due to rain after the 8th, it will first be organized as a backup day of the previously announced schedule, and if there is no backup day, it will be reorganized according to the next day’s bracket. If the next day is the same bracket, it will be a doubleheader; otherwise, it will be a doubleheader on the second day of the same bracket or a later date.

KIA had played 115 games the previous day, the most of any of the KBO’s 10 teams, so there are no reserve days left. The team is hoping to get the game underway.

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