Hana 1Q, which emerged as a strong player in the first quarter, but in the game with Samsung Life…

It was Hana One Q that was pushed back from the first quarter.

Bucheon HanawonQ met Yongin Samsung Life Insurance in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league held at Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 4th and lost 51-63.

Hana 1 Q is selected as the weakest player in the league this season. The season record is only 3 wins and 20 losses. However, in the second half, they showed a different performance. He showed growth and raised expectations. In the first game of the second half, he met and lost to Cheongju KB, but escaped from the losing streak by beating Samsung Life Insurance, whom he met later. It was the second win of the season.

After that, he recorded three consecutive losses, but his performance improved. He was particularly strong in the first quarter. Although they met Shinhan Bank in Incheon and were pushed back from the first quarter, the match against Woori Bank in Asan and BNK in Busan in second place was different. In the match against Woori Bank, the first quarter ended with a score of 25-20. In the match against BNK, they completely dominated the first quarter with a score of 22-13.

It was Hana One Q that showed firepower by scoring more than 20 points in the first quarter against both teams in first and second place in the league. In response, coach Kim Do-wan of Hana One Q said, “In the past, our team was pushed back from the beginning of the game, but these days it is different. Now it is being pushed back in the 3rd and 4th quarters. This isn’t a good thing, but it’s important that you’re slowing down a little bit. Over time, you will have the strength to endure to the end. We will build such a team.”

After that, Hana 1 Q succeeded in escaping from a losing streak against KB. One of the driving forces behind the victory was the performance in the first quarter. Although they were pushed at the beginning of the quarter, they managed to score 16-2 in the middle of the quarter and finished the first quarter at 23-15. And in the 4th quarter, Shin Ji-hyeon (174cm, G) and Jung Ye-rim (175cm, G) played an active role, and the game went to extra time, and Kim A-na (165cm, G) won the game with an overtime performance.

However, this game was different. Hana 1 Q was pushed from the first quarter. The first nine shots attempted all missed. The first goal came 5 minutes and 6 seconds into the game. Even after that, Hana 1 Q’s score was quiet. Jeong Ye-rim added a 3-point shot, but that was the last field goal.

Nevertheless, the reason why he was able to chase was because he cleverly used the opponent’s team foul. Kim Ye-jin (174cm, F) and Yang In-yeong (184cm, C) got a free throw from the opponent’s team foul situation and made it 8-9. 먹튀검증

However, Lee Myung-gwan (173cm, G), who came out later, could not be controlled. gave 5 points in a row. In addition, Jo Soo-ah (170cm, G) also conceded a point. Just before the end of the quarter, Park Jin-young (178cm, F) tried a floater buzzer beater, but unfortunately it was not recognized. The first quarter ended with a score of 6-19. It was a performance in the first quarter that was different from the previous three games. He attempted 15 shots, only two of which were successful. He also made 6 mistakes.

Although they gave up the advantage from the first quarter, the Hana One Q players pursued until the end. In particular, they chased up to 5 points with 4 minutes and 48 seconds left in the 4th quarter. However, the last further pursuit failed and the match was lost.

There are various losses such as 3-point shot hunting and foul trouble, but the atmosphere from the first quarter was too big.

In response, coach Kim Do-wan of Hanawon Q also said, “It was a big thing to be pushed back in the fight at first.” I think that’s why I was more excited. I said something because I was so excited during practice yesterday, but I was pushed back from the beginning of today.”

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