Historian Kim Woo-jae “Gangwon-do will win an Asian Games medal”

Kim Woo-jae (32, picture), a member of the Gangwon-do Sports Association, is a Gangwon-do representative history graduate who graduated from Gangwon Physical High School.

He is already over 30 years old, but his age seems to flow backwards. Active as the male 81kg national team member, he debuted at the world championships in 2015 at 15th place in the 77kg class (hereinafter based on total), then ranked 4th in 2017 (77kg) and 2021 (81kg), followed by last year. At the World Championships held in Bogotá, Colombia, he finished third in the 81kg class with a snatch of 162kg and a total of 357kg of jerking at 195kg. The older you get, the better your grades are.

However, it is unknown whether we will be able to see him at the world championships this year. This is because both the Asian Games and World Championships are scheduled for September. Kim Woo-jae laughed, “I would like to participate in both competitions if my body permits it, but I am no longer young.” 메이저사이트

At the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games in 2018, he ranked second with a difference of 1 kg from the first. It was such a disappointing difference that he might have greed for a gold medal this year, but he aimed to enter the medal table. In fact, the Asian Games are as difficult as the world championships. The first and second place in last year’s world championships were China’s Li Din and Turkmenistan’s Reyebai Reyepou, both of whom can compete in the Asian Games.

He is currently concentrating on physical training at the Jincheon National Training Center to achieve a goal that is not easy, and he is also greedy for winning three gold medals at the National Sports Festival. This is because he was a strong candidate for three gold medals last year as well, but was disqualified from the dragon prize and only won one impression gold medal. Kim Woo-jae said, “I had high expectations for myself because I worked really hard last year, but the results at the National Sports Festival were very disappointing.”

He is determined to perform well even for the people of the province who support him. Kim Woo-jae said, “Recently, the number of weightlifting club members is increasing, and if I have a chance later, I want to teach them.”

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