“I am a Ukrainian fighter”… Chelsea midfielder kicks back against criticism

 Chelsea transfer student Mikhailo Mudrik is receiving a lot of criticism.

Moudrik wore a Chelsea shirt in the transfer window last winter. His transfer fee is 88 million pounds (133.1 billion won). He is a midfielder with high expectations for Ukraine’s future.

However, he seems to be unable to adapt to Chelsea yet. In particular, the intensity of criticism intensified after the match against Dortmund in the first leg of the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League held on the 16th. Mudrik started but did not perform well, as Chelsea lost 0-1.

After the match, former Chelsea striker Joe Cole strongly criticized him, saying, “Mudrich needs to be cursed. He never caught the timing to switch to defense.” 토토사이트

Mudriq then counterattacked. He has not fully adapted now, but he is determined to prove his worth one day.

“I’m here to show what a Ukrainian man is like. I’m a warrior. A fighter always enjoys a challenge,” Mudriq said on social media.

He continued, “Warriors are born to overcome challenges. Those who risk everything are destined to win. A warrior may lose a battle on his way. But in the end, a warrior wins.”

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