“I couldn’t see a defender to stop”… Mitoma’s outstanding performance, the team’s GK was also ‘surprised’

 Brighton goalkeeper Roberto Sanchez praised the performance of teammate Kaoru Mitoma and claimed, “I’ve never seen a defender who could stop him.” 

Brighton drew 1-1 in the 2022/23 season Premier League Round 23 Premier League Round 7 held at Selhurst Park in London, England on the 12th (Korean time). 

In this game, Mitoma was unable to increase his scoring streak to 4 games, but he energized the team by playing an active role on both offense and defense. 

Mitoma is a winger who has been showing the best form in the Premier League recently, scoring 5 goals and 1 assist in the last 8 games.

In particular, he led the team’s attack by scoring against league powerhouses such as Arsenal and Liverpool. 

As Mitoma’s performance continued, his teammates poured out praise for him. 

Brighton’s local media ‘Success Live’ released an interview with Sanchez and said, “Sanchez said he had never seen a defender who could stop Mitoma.” 

“I’ve never seen a right-back who can stop Mitoma right now. He offers a lot to the team now. He goes in the back and gives direction for the other players to go. He has great individual skills and we’ve got a lot going for him,” Sanchez said. I’m really happy to have him on the team,” praising Mitoma.  카지노사이트

Mitoma moved to Brighton ahead of last season, but he played on loan in the Belgian league without being able to digest the game. 

Mitoma, who returned to Brighton this season, played as a substitute at the beginning of the season and showed a clear performance despite being given a small chance, growing into the main axis of the team in six months. 

Thanks to his growth, Brighton was able to raise the ranking to 6th in the league, and even with the departure of key player Leandro Trosar, he was able to play the season without a power gap. He was also plagued by rumors of a transfer to a big club in the winter transfer market, with several European clubs paying attention.  

In addition to Sanchez, Brighton coach Roberto De Zerbi also said of Mitoma, “He is a great player and can never be replaced. He is a player who always makes you expect to score a goal when he is on the pitch, so you cannot replace him.” I have praised Thomas’ tremendous skill. 

If Mitoma, who has grown into a key resource in the Premier League in half a season, continues to play an active role in the future season, it is expected that Brighton will be able to advance to the first European competition after being promoted to the Premier League. 

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