“I think everyone is faking it,” SSG sighed

To the question, “Is your body okay?” Oh Tae-gon (32‧ SSG) answered “I’m fine,” and then headed to the dugout with a shy smile, saying, “I know everyone is faking it.” he was sick I was also worried about the people around me. But he wields a heavy blow, so it’s only natural that such jokes come out.

Oh Tae-gon, who is highly valued for his strategic value in the SSG infield and outfield multiplayer, had a bad experience during the Florida camp in February. He was running camp in good shape, but he suddenly felt discomfort around his heart. He wasn’t in a situation to continue pushing his workout as part was part. On February 17, he boarded the first flight home for an overhaul. Everyone was paying attention. If he did something wrong, it could be related to his player life.안전놀이터

Fortunately, as a result of the first treatment on February 20, it was diagnosed that it was not a heart problem. He escaped the worst for once. However, he had to clearly identify the cause of the chest pain. In the second diagnosis on the 27th, he received the findings that “it is a temporary phenomenon during heart contraction. It does not interfere with daily life or exercise.” Not only the players, but everyone around them could breathe a sigh.

Oh Tae-gon, who did not participate in the second camp in Okinawa, made his body steady at Ganghwa SSG Futures Field and joined the first team again from the demonstration game. He’s a bummer, like when he was sick. In particular, the long hit is exploding. After hitting a home run against Daegu Samsung on the 14th, he hit a 3-run home run in the first inning against Changwon NC on the 18th, continuing his good hitting feeling. In his five exhibition games, his batting average was 0.308 and his slugging percentage was 0.

When a player who is said to be sick hits a home run, ‘suspicion of malingering’ (?) is bound to come out. Still, SSG is very fortunate. This is because Oh Tae-gon’s strategic value would have grown if it had grown more than last year, but not decreased. Only when Oh Tae-gon endures can SSG’s beast operation this year find liquidity.

Basically, he is not a player who is guaranteed a starting position. In the outfield, there are key players such as Choi Ji-hoon, Hanyu-seom, and Heredia. Choo Shin-su also contributes to the defense, and Kim Kang-min stands by as the first backup. 1st base is planning to grow a giant cannon resource called Jeon Ui Mountain. However, Jeon Eui-san’s defensive power has not yet been verified, and Heredia, who is entering the first season, must watch the adaptation process. In addition, there is a possibility that Choi Ji-hoon will be selected for the Asian Games during the season.

Oh Tae-gon is a player who can fit in all three positions. He played as a left fielder and first baseman last year, and this year he even trained as a center fielder in preparation for Choi Ji-hoon’s absence. Even in the demonstration game, he is diligently changing his glove by going back and forth between various positions. This was the idea, but if Oh Tae-gon was gone, SSG would have been hit hard. It is even more so in that it is the year that a free agent (FA) contract worth up to 1.8 billion won for 4 years begins.

There is no doubt that Oh Tae-gon will enter the opening entry as he is conducting the demonstration game in good health. He has a good hitting feel, which is nice. Oh Tae-gon played 130 games last year, a lot as a backup player, but his OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) was 0.631, which was not very good. When this defense and base run utilization and hitting reach a certain level, Oh Tae-gon will ultimately get closer to the starting position he wants. He made sure he wasn’t hurt, so it’s time to run again.

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