“I wanted it from the moment I joined.” The tenacity of the left hand ace who knew the curse of number 47

“I’d rather enjoy it.”

The 2023 season is an important year for the LG Twins Kim Yun-shik. In the second half of last season, he was selected for the World Baseball Classic team to be held in March with a good pitch, and in LG, he was dropped in the 3rd selection, the ace in Korea. Since it is a season when the team is all-in for the championship, the role of Kim Yun-shik, who is in charge of the third starter, is important. He may also challenge the Asian Games team in September.

Kim Yun-shik emerged as Cinderella last season and established the pride of LG domestic selection. Kim Yun-sik, who started as a substitute starter, showed a sense of stability as the season progressed and rose to the ace level in the second half. He appeared in 23 games, going 8-5 with a 3.31 earned run average. From September, he showed amazing pitching with an ERA of 0.79 with 4 wins and no losses in 6 games. He also appeared as a starter in the 3rd game of the playoffs against Kiwoom Heroes and showed a good pitch with 1 run in 5⅔ innings, confirming his strong side even in a big game.

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, who saw this growth, gave him the 3rd starting spot this season. Anyone has no choice but to admit it because he has shown the most stability in LG’s domestic starting lineup.

Kim Yun-sik takes on a new challenge in this important season. Right from the moment he joined the club, he wore the number 47 he wanted. Number 47 is the uniform number of commentator Lee Sang-hoon, a legend of LG. Member Lee returned to coaching and wore number 47, and no one has worn number 47 since. Kim Yun-shik wanted to wear the number 57 from the time he joined, but he judged that it was still too early for a rookie to wear the number 47, so he handed over the similar number 57 to Kim Yun-shik. And he was able to run in the fourth year of joining the club. 바카라

Kim Yun-sik said, “It was a number I wanted to wear someday. It’s still not enough, but I thought it would be nice to wear number 47 and do better.” “he said.

In fact, number 47 in LG is one of the numbers to avoid. Seo Seung-hwa, Jo Yoon-joon, Bong Joong-geun and others wore number 47 after Lee, but did not succeed. When Lee returned to coaching, he wore the number himself, saying “number 47 is a cursed number.”

Despite that, Yunshik Kim steadfastly told a reversal. “When I started last year, when I met foreign pitchers who had an advantage over me or Woo-jin Ahn, my predictions were skewed anyway, so I went in more aggressively because I had nothing to lose,” he said. He expressed his affection for number 47, which he wanted.

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