“If I knew the answer, I would give you feedback, no… ” Shaking No. 1 OH, gift given by the head, ‘Champion’s Mind’

“If I knew the answer, I would definitely be able to give feedback, but that’s not it.”

These were the words that OK Financial Group manager Seok Jin-wook recently left for Shin Shin-jin (23), the first overall pick in the 2022 men’s rookie draft.

Currently, Shin Ho-jin is having a rough professional debut season. 38 points in 17 games (42 sets) in the 2022-23 season and 42% attack success rate are all. He has no record of appearances since the Korean Air War on January 4th, and he did not even enter the entry for a while.

As the No. 1 ranking suggests, it was a player with high expectations. He was famous as a talented striker while attending Inha University, and in his senior year of college, he showed leadership as a captain and won the heart of Inha University coach Choi Cheon-shik.

He joined the team after the draft and the National Sports Festival. After joining, he scored 20 points in a practice match against Woori Card, which was held the next day, and captured the hearts of the enemy commander and chief at once.

In the first round of the KB Insurance match, there were moments of brilliance, such as scoring 9 points, but that was all. Cho Jae-seong, the main apogee spiker, was involved in military service corruption. OK Financial Group, which did not have the resources of an apositive spiker, needed Shin Shin’s performance to improve, which was disappointing.

It has already been a long time since he was pushed out of the candidate for the rookie of the year, which was compressed with Hyundai Capital setter Lee Hyeon-seung and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance middle blocker Kim Jun-woo. Shin Ho-jin is properly feeling his growing pains.

Recently, director Seok Jin-wook said, “If you know the correct answer to what Shin Shin-jin is experiencing, he can definitely give you feedback, but that’s not it. When I came to his pro, I felt the difference in his skills, and I was also afraid. In the end, the 2nd year jinx is this part, but it came too quickly. He felt that way as soon as he turned pro. Also, my back hurt, so it was even harder. I am thinking positively though. He comes earlier than the other players and tries to be better.”

Director Seok Jin-wook gave Shin Ho-jin a book as a gift. It was “The Mind of a Champion,” written by sports psychologist Jim Afremo. It is a book that has been well received by people around the world by melting down in detail how world-class athletes felt, thought, and acted.

Director Seok Jin-wook presented this book to setter Kwak Myung-woo last season. It was the director’s intention, “I hope you can calm down and feel comfortable while reading a good book.” It is said that not only Kwak Myeong-woo, but also most of the OK Financial Group players have this book.

I presented the book to Shin Ho-jin with the same intention. Director Seok said, “I hope I can strengthen my mentality while reading this book. In fact, this book was given as a gift to all the players on our team as well as Kwak Myung-woo last year. Bonnie, there may be players who have read the book, but there are also players who haven’t. However, it seems that Shin Ho-jin needs this book now.” 메이저사이트

‘Champion’s Mind’ proposes ways to strengthen mental power based on decades of practical experience and psychological research on performance improvement. It also contains motivational quotes from world-class players. It is a must-have book for Shin Ho-jin, who needs to grow up. so it was a gift.

No player on the professional stage steps on the high-speed train and becomes a top player without a single growing pain. One comma becomes a valuable nourishment for the player’s growth. Director Seok Jin-wook only saw that such a time had come a little early for Shin Ho-jin.

OK Financial Group recently fell into a 4-game losing streak, and the ranking fell to 5th place. With 37 points (12 wins, 14 losses), the difference between Woori Card (39 points, 14 wins and 12 losses) and 3rd place is only 2 points, but on the contrary, there is no difference between KB Insurance (30 points, 10 wins, 16 losses) and 6th place. There is also a risk of dropping to 7 points.

We are now in the second half of the season. Before the start of the season and at the beginning of the season, Shin Ho-jin’s cool spirit has to come out.

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