“If you want to rest, it’s better not to play baseball”… ‘Viper’ asked Lotte properly

Lotte Giants’ 1st spring camp in Guam is undergoing rigorous training. Everyone unanimously calls it “the greatest amount of training ever”.

Lotte questioned the process so far. Why does Lotte always show a good pace at the beginning of the season, but the pace drops in late spring and summer and ends up in the bottom ranks? Last year, too, in demonstration games, it ranked first with 8 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws, and after the opening, it showed a good start with 24 wins, 9 losses, 1 draw and 2nd place in 24 games for a month in April. However, at the end of the season, the ranking was 8th. The tragedy of ‘Bomde’ continued.

After thinking about various aspects, the club’s leadership concluded that it was a ‘lack of training’. As a result, through Samsung and LG, I was contacted by Kim Hyun-wook, a training coach with the harsh nickname of ‘Viper’. 

Coach Kim Hyun-wook is training with the players during the regular training time, which starts at 8:00 am and continues until 3:00 pm. This is Coach Kim’s sense of duty, and he himself is struggling with the players more fiercely because he himself has the question ‘why Lotte couldn’t overcome the slump?’

Coach Kim pointed out the low limits of the players. He said, “Lotte players have set the barriers to this hurdle and limit too low. Of course, they work hard. But they work hard only as much as they have now. “It seems that they don’t know the 100% ability level and limits of their photos. Lotte players don’t seem to have broken that yet. They know that this is all.”

Cha Woo-chan, who has already experienced coach Kim Hyun-wook at Samsung and LG, is familiar with the current hard training. Cha Woo-chan said, “It hasn’t changed much from the past. I’ve adapted. The players seem to be having a hard time, but one day I’ll know that this will help. Then I think I’ll work harder.”

Coach Kim also said, “I’ve also worked out, but it’s a very lonely fight. But it’s hard, but players who have tasted the pleasure know. If you do well, you’ll be treated well. I know there are many sweet fruits that come from doing well.” They only think up to that point. You will know that if you push the limits, something good will come.” 

That’s why coach Kim Hyun-wook is shouting and clapping from the warm-up time to further raise the limits of the players. He explained, “The reason I shout and encourage is my own struggle to overcome the limit. It is to give the players a whip so that they can continue.” 

It is changing little by little. There is no more ‘Seolleongseolleong’. Also put a big command. It is the theory that a bright atmosphere should be created while increasing the intensity of training. From Jeon Jun-woo, the oldest, to Yu Kang-nam, a transfer student, and Kim Min-seok, a rookie. This is a change led by coach Kim Hyun-wook.

He said, “If you don’t lift yourself up, we won’t change.” It may not be all of the reasons for the sluggishness, but the atmosphere itself is dead.” There is,” he said forcefully.

The club’s sense of crisis, saying, “Now we have to do something,” reached coach Kim Hyun-wook and other coaching staff, and is also being passed on to the players. He laughed, saying, “Now I get scared when I see myself,” but then seriously said, “Since we failed and we haven’t been able to perform well in the past, if we have to change in the future, we have to change. do,” he said. 메이저사이트

And “The amount of practice is said to be at an all-time high, but I don’t think the players are complaining now. If they had changed in the past, there wouldn’t have been a change like this. There is a saying that ‘doing is preparing for failure’. If you don’t prepare from now on, you will just fail,” explaining Lotte’s current efforts. 

I convey it with sincerity to the players who are gasping. He said, “If it’s good to rest, it’s right not to play baseball. I tell the players to decide, ‘Is it rusty or worn out?’ The kids are developing,” he said.

“I can be called a ‘viper’ or a ‘bad coach’ by the players. It’s a camp to learn the habit of exercising. I hope this good habit will permeate into the body, not the head,” he said. I’m not superior to other trainers. I just hope that my sincerity can be communicated. I hope that the training I’m doing now will be basic. Then, I want our team to be in a really good place. That’s one thing,” he said, vowing to look only at Lotte’s success. did.

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