‘Injury recovery’ KCC Lee Seung-hyun, likely to participate in the KGC match on the 17th… With the mind of a ‘killer adult’

Lee Seung-hyun, the pillar of Jeonju KCC, is likely to play against Anyang KGC on Friday (17th).

On the 24th of last month, Lee Seung-hyun suffered an arm injury during a Daegu Korea Gas Corporation game. He was injured when his arm overlapped with an opponent while he was taking his place inside. Lee Seung-hyun, who also participated in the game after the game, was diagnosed with collateral ligament and tendon partial rupture after the hospital diagnosis and delivered the unfortunate news that he was expected to be absent for about a month.

It was a moment like a thunderstorm for KCC, which is in a fierce battle for 6th place to advance to the playoffs.

Lee Seung-hyun, who had a short preparation period due to off-season surgery and rehabilitation, fought hard every day despite his incomplete physical condition and led a fiercely developed ranking battle, receiving evaluations as ‘as expected Lee Seung-hyun’.

In particular, it was a very unfortunate situation for himself and the team because Lee Seung-hyun continued to fight hard, overcoming the burden of blocking foreign players from the opposing team in the Ronde Hollis Jefferson appearance situation.

After Lee Seung-hyeon’s injury, KCC lost sixth place due to continued bad news, such as the expulsion of Ronde Hollis Jefferson due to sabotage added to Heo Woong’s ankle injury. In the game on the 14th, Suwon KT lost to Seoul SK and was able to climb back to 6th place, but it is in a situation where it is regrettable that it has 1 win and 4 losses in the last 5 games. 

A KCC official said of Lee Seung-hyun, “As a result of the examination, the injured part was found to have recovered. It is a bit early, but the team situation is not good, so I have a strong will to participate. I am grateful.” Coach Jeon Chang-jin said during the season I have expressed a lot of gratitude to Lee Seung-hyun. This quick return also conveyed a message as if it were no different. 

Currently, KCC is in 6th place with 17 wins and 22 losses. It is only half a game ahead of KT, which is one step below 토토사이트

. Lee Seung-hyun’s return is definitely a good thing for KCC, which is repeating the season as one with Absence and Laguna, because it is a name that can clearly create a synergistic effect just by being there

. Lee Seung-hyun, who comes forward, is expected to be of great help in the KCC ranking fight. This is the reality and reason that Lee Seung-hyun’s ‘Saint of Murder’ is more touching. Lee Seung-hyun, who is like rain in a drought, is returning. Photo courtesy of 

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