‘Is it for real this time?’ 25-game suspended Za Morant releases statement

Morant shows remorse again.

After getting in trouble twice for flaunting firearms on social media, the NBA has finalized his punishment. After serving an eight-game suspension for the first incident, the NBA Office of the Commissioner handed down a 25-game suspension for the second incident.

After the first incident in March, Morant expressed remorse, but he proved that his remorse was not sincere by repeating the incident two months later.

After the suspension was finalized, Morant again expressed remorse in a statement, but it’s unclear if his words were sincere.

“I want to apologize to the NBA, to Memphis, to my teammates, to the city of Memphis, to Adam Silver, Jack Kleiman, and Robert Pera for giving me the opportunity to be a professional athlete and supporting me. I’m sorry to the kids who looked up to me, and I’m sorry for letting them down as a role model. I promise to do better in the future. To all my sponsors, I will represent our brands better. And I promise to make it up to my fans.”먹튀검증

Morant continued, “I am in the offseason and my discipline continues to impact my mental health and decision-making. When it’s time for me to return to the court, I’ll be ready to play and ready to go. I know my teammates will hold up well and I am deeply sorry for not being with them at the beginning of the season.”

Finally, Morant concluded his statement by saying, “I hope that over time I have the opportunity to prove that I am a better person than what I have shown so far.”

Morant’s suspension is also costing him financially. About $7.6 million of his $33.5 million salary for next season will be cut.

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