Is it possible to go to Korea? Cy Youngsang → Troublemakers at a corner… Prediction to Asia

Two years ago, the best pitcher in American professional baseball (MLB). But he hasn’t played in over a year and a half.

A geek to put it mildly, reality is a troublemaker. Is there a ‘Gankeun’ club that can be recruited with a risk?

The Los Angeles Dodgers decided to release Trevor Bauer, who was suspended for 194 games during the regular season. Despite the loss of having to pay an annual salary of 22 million dollars next year, he boldly made a ‘stop loss’. It is the aftermath of the controversy over assault on women in 2021.

Bauer was ultimately acquitted of the charges. Bauer acknowledged that he had “excessive sexual intercourse” with the woman in question, but insists that the extent of the relationship was fully discussed prior to the relationship and that the other person’s intentions were clearly confirmed during the process. He also stressed that there was no assault beyond “extreme sexual intercourse,” and that the woman’s bruised and slashed face was not her own act.

Looking at the results alone, it seems that the brilliant future that was guaranteed was blown away by the meeting with a woman who approached it in a planned way and the #MeToo craze that swept across the world. It can also be seen as an innocent victim.

However, due to the pine tar controversy and the unfriendly attitude, the bad feelings that have accumulated for a long time exploded all at once. Since even the Dodgers, which try to win the championship every year, have announced their breakup, the view that he has no place in the major leagues as a whole is dominant in the field.

Since he was released, the Dodgers should pay the existing salary. You can recruit Bauer with only the minimum salary. 메이저사이트

However, even though he was acquitted, he wasted a year and a half and was born in 1991, so he is no longer young. The mentality of not knowing where to go is also a burden. As in the case of Yasiel Puig (former Kiwoom Heroes), the prospect of wandering as an independent (US standard) cannot be ignored.

This is why advancing to other leagues such as Japan and Korea is being discussed. Bauer is an American. Therefore, rather than staying in Caribbean leagues such as Puerto Rico or Venezuela and knocking on re-entry into the major leagues, it is rather realistic to enter the KBO League or Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), where stable salaries are guaranteed, as predicted by local media such as MLB Network and the Washington Post. can be

If they prove themselves in Asia, it could be an opportunity to return to the US. Demand for recruiting is also higher than in the United States. It is not comparable to the United States, but you can be guaranteed a considerable salary apart from what you receive from the Dodgers.

Bauer throws a sharp cutter, slider, and curveball with a fastball that averages 94 to 95 mph (151 to 153 km). His main weapon is sophisticated control and psychological warfare, but what attracts more attention is his unique pitching form and the highest rotation rate in the league. He is also considered a major leaguer who studies baseball sincerely and always.

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